All you Need to Know About Pocket Wi-fi

10/25/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

As technology keeps advancing, our way of doing things keep changing too. With the advent of mobile technology in combination with internet, the concept of staying connected got a big leap and among the latest productsof communication devices that are dominating the market, is the Pocket Wi-Fi. If you are already using one, you must be knowing quite well what it is, but if you haven’t come across, here is a good chance for you to get acquainted with this new device.

The pocket wi-fi today is considered by experts as the best possible portable medium of accessing internet one can have. Most internet service providers are now upgrading their spheres of services to match the criteria of running pocket wi-fi.

What is a Pocket Wi-Fi?

A Pocket Wi-Fican be well described asa small lightweight gadget that fits easily in your palm and itcan be used to broadcast the internet to the most compatible devices that it can find around, like Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras or PCs.The best part of it is that even if the user of a pocket wi-fiis out of his country, with the help of mobile Wi-Fihe can still be online.

How does a Portable or Pocket Wi-Fi work?

This mobile wi-fi works almost the same way as the router does. It transforms 3G or 4G connection to a particular private Wi-Fi signal that further reaches to different compatible devices. It works mostly as a Wi-Fi access point in your home or office and even when you are travelling by generating a Wi-Fi radio field that spreads to a distance of about 10-15 meters. You need not install any cable or software to use it. all you need to do is, turn it on and then follow the instructions.

You can also see the portable Wi-Fias a plain router that is smaller in size and that acts just like a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. To use it, you will need a SIM card that will supply the internet to themultiple wireless connection devices like Smartphones, tablets, personal computers and can be shared to 10 users simultaneously.

Who needs a Pocket Wi-Fi?

A portable Wi-Fican be held as an ideal device for those who travel a lot and are looking for a safe, permanent solution to stay connected with people and is a vehement user of mobile internet connection. To stay connected to your near and dear ones even when you are away on a business trip,the pocket wi-fi will give you the best possible internet access that will be helping you use the internet without any lapse.

The Bottom Line

A mobile or pocket Wi-Fi router that works with a SIM card can be considered as a very clever option ofstaying online all the time. If you are in a business that needs you to stay online, it will be important for you to get one for yourself.