Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus By Jacob And Company: One In A Million Literally!

10/22/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Jacob & Co. is a watchmaker based in New York famous for their extraordinary timepieces like the Astronomia Tourbillon range that is art itself, and one needs to understand art. Not everyone will love it, not everyone can afford it and that is what makes for some of the most priceless pieces.Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus By Jacob & Co., a watch clearly not meant for the masses but still is quite a technical feast for any watch lover. A one in a million watch, it is clearly not an average vision of a classic timepiece. A watch far from the usual standards of elegance, grace, proportion, price and mechanism, it embodies the boldness and technical fascination of the Astronomia range.

In-depth Details:

The four-axis modular design characteristic of the Astronomia collection in this model is woven with its tentacles by a fabulous monster from Scandinavian legends, the giant octopus Kraken.It features a hand-crafted pink gold case, which holds up several viewing windows and the main domed crystal with each part of the watch made of sapphire, all coated with anti-reflective material. 50 mm in diameter and 25 mm in thickness, Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopusis bigger in size than the usual watches. It also has no visible crown, and almost looks like the mechanism is suspended within sapphire alone.

All the parts are hand-polished and hand-chamfered, and the barrel bridge is made from sapphire. The showstopper 2.90g octopus is crafted out of titanium and is engraved, painted and lacquered by hand. The spherical 1-carat diamond is an exclusive Jacob & Co. cut emanating light from its 288 facets and the globe is magnesium lacquered to add the finishing shine. The movement of the Clarity Octopus shows meticulous craftsmanship and is a grand dance with the stars in the sea.


Around the tentacles of the animal, a 3D module is seen rotating at a speed of 1 revolution in 10 minutes. At the ends of the module, there is a small dial, a three-axis tourbillon, a miniature model of a lacquered magnesium globe and a transparent diamond of the patented “Jacob Cut” cut with 288 facets. Each element of this composition has its own speed of rotation. Thus, tourbillon carriages rotate at a speed of 60 seconds, 2.5 minutes and 10 minutes, respectively. A miniature globe and a diamond performing the role of a satellite of the Earth perform two-axis rotations at a speed of 1 revolution every 60 seconds.

The Dial:

The very first attraction of the watch is the 3D octopus suspended in the dial. Tentacles stretched all over the watch looks really cool and unique. A globe that rotates every 60 seconds on two axes shows that the watch belongs to the Astronomia line. A self-winding watch with a 60 hour power reserve, this timepiece deserves all the appreciation and praise.

The Strap:

The strap gives an extra edge to Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus. Made of blue alligator skin, it provides an excellent juxtaposition to the coloration within the watch itself. The blue color of the Earth and that of the spots on the octopus very closely matches with the color of the strap making them in-sync. With a secure folding buckle to hold the watch in place on the wrist, this beautifully designed strap can also be easily replaces if you find it inappropriate with your looks.

The Price:

Rightly said, it is one in a million watch(quite literally), this extraordinary timepiece really costs close to 1 million dollars. Around Rs.6.94 crore (approx.), this beauty is a collector’s piece for sure. One of the main positives of buying this watch; it would be your greatest achievement of all time. The watch will never lose its value and would rather gain value as it grows old. So later if you plan for selling, you are definitely getting more than you spent.


The Astronomia Tourbillon is a truly unique, groundbreaking timepiece that elevates the art of watchmaking above the Earth, above time. It combines the highest level of Swiss timepiece craftsmanship and the horological decorative art to create a watch that is an epic complication which transports us to the fabulous world of Jules Verne, somewhere in between “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea”. From all the perspectives, this superlative watch is downright impressive and an authentically unique timepiece. One of the coolest designed watches by Jacob & Co. ever, Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus is worth all the million dollars!