Common Cases That Can Be Handled by a Private Investigator

10/27/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Private investigators are a little different from the police – they usually handle cases that the authorities are not willing to look into and they often provide help to people who have nowhere else to turn. Here are some common situations when they can come in handy.

Doing background checks

Gone are the days when you could trust people at face value. Today, if you want to make sure that you are protected at all times, especially in financial dealings, it is important to do background checks. A background check looks into whether someone has a criminal record or whether they have been implicated in unsavory matters in the past. Background checks are important for business people who want to avoid dealing with dishonest people, but they can also come in handy on the personal front.

Settling law matters

Private investigators are commonly hired when people are in the middle of divorce or child custody issues. If, for example, you suspect that your spouse is cheating and they keep denying it, you can get proof by getting a private investigator to gather evidence for your divorce trial. If you don’t think that your spouse is a good parent a private investigator can help you get proof that will get a judge to award you full custody of your children.

Criminal matters

Imagine that the police are charging you with a crime that you haven’t committed and they are not willing to listen to your side of the story. The only way to convince them that you are innocent is to hire a private investigator who will either find the real culprit, or who will find evidence that exonerates you. Many lawyers hire private investigators on a regular basis to help find out information that will free their clients.

Workplace problems

There are all sorts of workplace problems that a private investigator can help you with. A good example is employees who are stealing time from the company – they are not where they are supposed to be, thereby wasting company time. Or you may be losing inventory, but aren’t sure who is responsible. A private investigator can quietly look into these matters and find the real culprit, thereby saving your business money.

How do private investigators obtain information?

Different private investigators use different tactics to obtain information. There are some who have access into the databases that are used by the police, so they are able to do background checks very fast. Others use the old method of tailing their quarry to see where they go and what they do, and they take photographs that they present to their clients. Some will look into the social media footprint of the person in question if they think it can help get their case solved, while many will talk to people to find relevant information.

The important thing is that the private investigator doesn’t break any laws in the course of their work. You should also be aware that any information that they uncover is not privileged and they can share it with whoever they like.