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Dog, A Man's Best Friend Or The Other Way Around?

10/11/2018 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Dog is said to be a man’s best friend always. But is it just that? Or is it the other way round too? Well, certainly yes. Just like a dog is a man’s best friend, a man too is a dog’s best friend. Dogs love their human friends more than anything in the world and can even give up its life to save you. Nobody can love you in the world more than your dog, and it just shows in their puppy eyes. So, visit voucherbucket now to get some amazing deals and offers on pets or their supplies.

Faithful all their lives

A dog is the first example that comes to mind when it comes to faithfulness. Your partner may ditch you even after a decade, but your furry friend will never leave you. He or she indeed fulfils the vow of not to part till death do you apart. Loyalty runs in their blood. If there is someone on earth whom you can blindly trust, it is your four-legged friend.

Protects you more than a bodyguard

Your dog is the first one to protect you from all troubles without expecting any remuneration. All he wants is some love from you. Your dog will stay awake all night to guard your house, smell and warn against people, who are not good for you, keep a watch on your baby and run to save you if there is an attack on you. They can sense when you are in trouble and rush at the very instant for your safety.

We all have read many stories and reports about dogs helping blind people to cross roads or saving people from an attack of intruders at home. They won’t even fear to take a bullet or snakebite for your sake. Isn’t such selfless love tear-jerking?

Loves to run errands

Your dog would be more than happy if he or she can be of little help to you even. He would jump up at your slightest need to fetch the bottle or the umbrella or just about anything you need. The wagging of the tail would tell you how happy he is to help you out.

Thinks he is your baby

 No matter how old he grows, he believes he is your baby and thus wants full love and attention from you. The first thing you see after waking up is your dog staring at you with eyes full of bright love. The moment you return home after work you can see him running down and jumping in joy to see you back. Don’t you too love to look at your furry baby making you forget all your worries with that warmth?

Reads your emotions and cheers you up

If you had a terrible day, it is your dog that can cheer you up like nobody else. Dogs are blessed with a fantastic power to read your emotions and understand if you are down. Even if you are silent or say a hundred words which he doesn’t understand, he will listen patiently and then cuddle you, lick you and do everything to make you feel happy again. Isn’t that something which only your best friend forever can do?

Doesn’t hold any grudges against you

Yes, your dog is naughty enough to do all sorts of mischiefs in the house which may get you angry. He makes a sad face when you scold him but afterwards when you shower him with the love he is again your good boy who wants you to play with him right then.

Keeps you fit and healthy

Yes, your best friend can motivate you to live a good life. You may be thinking that you are taking him out for a walk or making him exercise to maintain his body weight, but at the same time, he too is making you lead a great life, both mentally and physically.

While playing with the ball with your dog or taking him for a walk keeps you on your toes, seeing him happy and spending your time in a good way keeps your spirits high and puts the negative thought away. This way your daily routine is full of positivity and happiness. You should thank your dog for it.

Thus, while a dog is the best friend you can ever get in life, you too are the best thing that happened to him if you shower him with unconditional love. A human’s relationship with a dog is based on absolutely adulterated and unconditional love, innocence and care.