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HIV infection and its effect in Pregnancy

10/16/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

The condition

HIV-AIDS and pregnancy is very much a common problem nowadays. It is very much common in counties like the USA. Ladies diagnosed with HIV in their pregnancy are having a very hard time giving birth to their young one as in many cases the babies have. Reports suggest that in most of those cases the babies are getting HIV infection in their uterine phase which is actually causing the death. So there are some factors which actually stimulates the transfer of the HIV genes, to get passed into the baby through the placenta, mixed with the blood, in the prenatal condition. Even after birth also this transfer process is very much active as they are passed on to the baby through mother’s milk. This type of transfer is called as the perinatal condition. 

Some information about HIV

HIV or the Human Immuno Deficiency Virus is a type of virus which belongs to the retrovirus group of viruses, having RNA as their genetic material. Its main function is to cause total damage to the immune system of the body so that when the body needs its participation to damage any foreign material, it becomes functionless or may be in the malfunctioning state. Infection with this virus can cause an infection called as AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). In this situation due to an absence of all the immune responses the body comes in the phase of a shock which is very much difficult to cure. It is one of the cause or fatality in this world. Even in pregnancy also this virus is very much active. There are many types of treatment of AIDS in Pregnancy. The result of those varies from person to person.

Risk Factor associated in case of pregnancy

The risk factor for the transmission of the HIV-AIDS mother to her baby is largely dependent on the factor that whether the mother is healthy or not. Mostly with a healthy mother, there is very less risk of transmission of the virus. And also even with the new treatment techniques this transmission can be very much controlled. However, wrong lifestyle and bad habits of the day to day life might increase the chances of the transmission of the virus in the baby from its mother. The factors which aggravate the transmission are:

·       Smoking
·       Deficiency in Vitamin A
·       Sexually Transmitted disease
·       Malnutrition etc.

Medicines of HIV in pregnancy

It is mandatory to stop the transmission of the virus from the mother to the baby. Medicines help to control this transfer. These types of medicines generally resist the multiplication of the HIV virus in the mother’s body. Additionally, these type of medicines does not also increase the effect or birth defect or any kind of harm in the baby. Thus all woman should use the medicine in a very much secured way.


For both male and the female planning to go for pregnancy must check for the presence or the absence of the HIV in their body. A blood test is the best method for its detection. Thus HIV/AIDS treatment during pregnancy can be started from much before.