New employment trends for engineering graduates

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A brief introduction
Engineering has been the most coveted disciple since time immemorial that attracts numerous scholars worldwide. Talking about the employment trends of the discipline, there is never a short in demand of well learned professionals of engineering by recruiters. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM), form the foundation of proliferating global economy. At the time of economic precariousness the scope of employment trends is important to discuss. Based on the survey conducted recently by a leading Daily, the first quarter of 204 witnessed acute skill shortage.     

Most of the large scale engineering enterprises handle fixed term contracts, proper completion of these projects enable professionals to lay hands on contractors of both domestic and overseas multi-nationals. Many engineering colleges offering in electronics and communication are training their students for grabbing such opportunities worldwide.

What can be a recruiter’s hot-pick in near future?
With a cult of preserving environment while contributing in developing technologies that is solution to seething issues against its protection. The concept of Green Innovation focuses on initiating a perfect blend of technology and environment friendly measures. Under this concept novel engineering competencies are needed.   

Following are a few engineering fields that are expected to rise above other in near future:
·       Increasing demand of land development and acquisition engineers for optimum use of land areas
·       Spiraling demand for smart transport technologies to support environment and reduce pressure of existing resources
·       Demand of planned infract rural development with a scope of effective drainage and water inlet/outlet system especially in large housing communities. 
·       Traffic engineering is expected to rise owing to growth of automobile sector
·       Mechanicals are and will always be the most favored branch of engineering. in Mechanical engineering in Uttarakhand along with Bio-Technology enables the graduate to support various sectors of  
What are the employment trends for Mobility industry?
The study conducted by SAE reveals that there is a dire need of qualified technologist specifically in fast-growing automotive, commercial vehicle and aerospace industries. The facts and highlights of the study are mentioned below: 
·        Aerospace industry requires a large amount of experienced engineers having fair expertise in handling multiple segments followed by the Aerospace industry, Commercial Vehicle and Automotive Industries.
·        OEMs form a pivotal part of automotive industry. A mid-sized automotive OEM can recruit anywhere between 600-1000 engineers on an average.
·        A significant percentage of Aerospace and Automotive employers promote technologist having minimum experience of 1-2 yrs. Similarly, leading Commercial Vehicle Employers ask for candidates having an experience of 1-3 yrs.
·        As a matter of fact, requirement of mechanical engineers is all-pervasive in all the major development sectors. Manufacturing engineers and electrical & electronics experts witness never a shortfall of requirement by industry majors. 
A general employment trend observed in the report has been of recruiting high-end R&D and production experts. The demand of technically sound professionals in the following fields is spiking:
·        Electrical & Electronics
·        Petroleum
·        Telecommunication
·        Automation
·        Production Process Designing
·        Information Technology
Employment avenues never cease to lose popularity for deserving engineering graduates. The more adept you are in your knowledge thick are the chances for you to outshine the possibilities.