Advantages and disadvantages of virtual phone number application

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Virtual phone number is used by especially in business or in organisation so that they will not have to pay large bill to telecommunication companies. Virtual phone number is used by anyone to transfer incoming calls to another number. This phone number is used for many purposes such as to reduce call rate charges, for creating professional image in front of your clients and many other purposes. No new extra sim card is needed. You do not need to purchase any type of hardware device or install any softw is single sim phone.

Uare in your phone. User can use this virtual phone number service on their existing phone even if itser will get virtual phone number free or they also have to pay some amount. If you made a call to your friend living in another city, call charges incurred will be local call charges as your virtual phone number will be registered as that local city number. You may also contact to service provider who will give you virtual phone number to use with some charge. There are number of service provider companies where you can buy virtual phone number. If you want free access of virtual phone number, you must download application from google play store.
We have given advantages and disadvantages of all such service provider companies so that you will easily choose which one will be best for you.
Service provider                                              advantages                                                         disadvantages

Nextiva                                                                no contract                         extra cost if you demand extra service
Best customer service
Most suitable for startups
Phone                                                                   integrated with smart phones                    extra fees for extra calls
Unlimited minute plan with low rate
                                                                                Provides VoIP service also
Virtual PBX                                                          unlimited extensions                                   extra cost for more lines
Problem recovery
Easy to use interface
Different plans for different
Type of business
RingCentral                                                         exceptional ACD system
Provides VoIP service also
User friendly and easy accessible
Grasshopper                                                      unlimited extensions                                                no outbound calls
                                                                                Call recording
Easy use of interface
                                                                                Best suited for toll free calls
If you want virtual phone number totally free, you may download any application from google play store for your smart phone which may be android or iOS. Now, it is only your choice which virtual phone numberservice provider you want to use. If you add your phone number to google registration, you will get a verification code on that phone number. For downloading application from google play store, you must have a registered account on google play store.
Applications those may be used on iOS smart phone are:
§  Spikko – virtual phone number
§  Burner
§  Line 2
§  Sideline – 2nd phone number

Virtual phone number providing applications for android smart phone are listed here:

§  Voice +
§  Virtual phone line
§  alTTeco
§  HD VoIP calls
§  TalkTT
§  eVoice
§  Meralco virtual engine
§  Voiceably virtual phone
§  Biz phone
§  Send hub business
§  Virtual phone system
§  iTele center
§  8 * 8 virtual offices
§  My virtual phone
These applications will need only some MB space in your smart phone and you have to update the installed application when there is new version available of that application.