Data Rescue and Recovery

11/21/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Even in a seemingly hopeless situation, there is still the hope that data rescue will succeed.

The causes of data loss stored on different devices are related to both hardware and software. If you suspect that your device may be faulty, which could result in data loss, turn off the device in your own interest and find a hard disk recovery service at Salvagedata as soon as possible. Successful data rescue depends to a large extent on whether you are trying to rejuvenate the device or the medium. This is especially true for hard disk drives of computers, but generally this can be applied to other media. For most defects, regardless of media type or operating system installed, data rescue is possible even with very unusual systems and data carriers.

The first step in rescuing data is always to assess the rescue option. The assessment of any media is offered mostly free, even if the data is not saved for any reason. After this diagnosis, they are able to tell you what is the chance to save the data, the approximate cost of the rescue, and whether the device or media will need to be opened, which could mean a possible loss of warranty. This diagnosis can be done in laboratory within 24 hours of delivery. Due to the complexity of the operations performed, it is not possible to perform data rescue and diagnostics. The subsequent rescue time depends on the type of fault and the amount of data saved.

Sending damaged media

You should send the damaged media or device along with the enclosed brief description of the defect. It is possible to bring the damaged media personally or send it by mail order.

If you are sending a hard disk or similar media sensitive to shocks, wrap them in a soft cloth (a suitable package is, for example, a rigid box with a bubble foil inside, foam, paper waste from a shredder, etc.).

We will deliver the saved data to the media of your choice - if your equipment has failed completely, we will offer you a new disc for purchase, but we can burn the data on a CD or DVD, copy it to your own media or our disk, which we will lend to you for free.

Security of your data privacy

As part of the personal data recovery solutions that professional data rescue requires, they often have to deal with highly confidential information. They guarantee the customers the most up-to-date ways of protecting their data. Absolute security is the primary principle for them; a sophisticated order tracking system ensures that your data does not reach unauthorized persons. At customer's request we guarantee data security by signing a trade secret agreement.