How to Compose a Perfect Makeup Kit?

11/01/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Difficult to sort the radius make-up between the essential and the superfluous. Discover all you need to slip into your make-up kit to make up your makeup, day and night.

Makeup of the Complexion: The 7 Essentials

A base of complexion (or primer), to apply after the day cream and before the foundation. It has the ability to smooth and blur imperfections of the face and strengthen the foundation of the foundation. There are as many bases of complexion as needs: fixative to fix the makeup, illuminator to bring glow to the complexion, mortifying for the skins mixed with fat, corrective to camouflage the small redresses...

A foundation to unify the complexion. We prefer liquid, compact, stick, cushion ... it does not matter, he chooses all the time the same color as his complexion. It is not necessary to apply it on the entire face, but only in some places to harmonize the complexion.

A concealer to conceal puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and smooth the eye contour. It is chosen for its type of skin: a rather fluid texture for normal skin and more compact for dry skin for example. It must be at least 1 shade lighter than that of the foundation.

A corrector to eradicate small skin defects such as redness, spots or small blood vessels. It is applied by small touches on the areas concerned. Its color pigments are essential to choose the right product: the green camouflages the redness, the orange camouflages the blue of the rings, and the violet camouflages the yellow imperfections.

A loose powder to ratify the complexion and fix the makeup all day long. It is applied in very small quantity, rather with a cloth puff because the material is very volatile, and not on the whole face but on certain points, those of the zone T in particular (forehead, nose, chin).

A land of sun (or bronzing powder) to look good in 3 minutes top time! We choose a rather matte, without glitter or pearly color and we apply it with a brush sparingly on the curved areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheekbones), where the sun makes us tan first.

A blush, to give a touch of color to the face. Rather pink for pale complexions and orange for matte skin. It is applied by small touches on the cheekbones, starting from the cheek and stretching outward of the face. Without going too high to avoid the makeup effect of the 80s. You must need the best makeup case for your makeup kit, and a makeup case at mydeal is the first option to buy online.

Makeup of the Eyes: The 5 Indispensable

A neutral eyelid base to better apply eyeshadow, eyeliner or kohl pencil and that their outfit lasts longer. It is a particularly useful makeup tool to avoid the eyes of pandas during the day.

A palette of eyeshadow to twister the colors according to his desires. No need to have hundreds of different shades, a dozen already do very well. The idea being to be able to modulate the color on his eyes according to the desired makeup (day or evening for example).  

An eyeliner for doe eyes. We do not hesitate to train again and again in front of his mirror to achieve the perfect line flush with the upper lashes.

Kohl pencil, more manageable than the eyeliner and applied to the inner lining of the eye, under the lower lashes or at the root of the upper lashes, on the eyelid.

A waterproof mascara to boost the volume of eyelashes. If there was only one makeup accessory to keep making up his eyes, it would be him. It is applied at the end, to enlarge the look and bring depth.

Lip Makeup: The 3 Essentials

Moisturizing sticks to nourish lips that tend to dry out quickly. It is almost always applied one layer before the lipstick.

A nude lipstick to sublimate the color of his mouth. Its big advantage: it adapts to all the outfits and all the occasions. And since there is not only a shade of nude, each one finds his own.

A colorful lipstick to bring a little pep and color to his make-up. Side color, brunettes can absolutely afford everything when blondes should rather avoid the colors too cold or dark. And if one is not comfortable with the traditional stick of lipstick, one can very well turn to other textures of red, type lacquer or lip balm.

Eyebrow Makeup: The 3 Essentials

A brush type brush to discipline his eyebrows. If they are already well supplied, not necessarily need to make up, a blow of brush to give them a pretty form can suffice.

A colored wax or pencil to easily fill the holes of the scattered eyebrows. The colored wax is ultra-modularly, it is used with a beveled brush to better reproduce the hair of the eyebrow.

A fixer mascara to keep your eyebrows in place all day long.