How to find a good Airbnb – Coach hire Manchester

11/10/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

The most exciting part of traveling is choosing the place to stay. The location where you will stay for your holiday is key in making sure that you obtain the best experience. Fortunately there are tons of good Airbnbs to choose from. But how will you identify if the Airbnb is good enough? Read below to find out.

Proceed with caution

Airbnb may be more accessible and affordable but this doesn’t mean that it’s the safest route. Be wary of those who have multiple listings with the same description but are all located in different places. These can be scammers who are waiting for the perfect time to attack. Another deal breaker is when the place is too good to be true i.e. it’s too cheap for all the accommodations that they are promising..

The map tool is your new best friend

What’s fun with Airbnb is that it has a special map too that lets you explore the locations in a better matter. When you see a lightning bolt symbol it means that the host is available and is looking for an instant booking. This can help you get a booking without any fuss right away and Coach hire Manchester.

Read all the reviews

In this day and age where fraud and scams are everywhere in the internet, reading reviews can be super helpful. Take time to read what previous renters have to say about their experience in the host’s place. Is the host friendly? Are there any issues with the house itself? Is there anything that you need to know about the property? Making sure that the previous renters had a grand time can ensure a good time in your part.

Figure out which part of the city you want to stay in

Of course, you need to know which part of the city should you stay in. If you want something secluded in to stay in, then find someplace away from the city. But if you want to be at the heart of the city where all the fun shenanigans are happening, then choose an Airbnb that’s located near the city. Of course, staying near the city has its own perks. You’ll always be near to the best clubs, shopping malls, and food crawls. It can also be considered safer since there’s tons of police roaming around the city. Picking a place that’s near the place that you’re going to can also be economical.

Think about the photos that are missing

Some Airbnb ads are so weird that they don’t have complete photos of the place. There are some missing parts of the ad that will make you question where the heck is the toilet, the bedroom, and the terrace that the description has been promising. If there are any gaps, ask the host on private message for the live or recent photos from the property. Remember that a missing photo can be an honest mistake but asking them for the photos won’t hurt the either of you. It might be that the host just forgot to take photos of the place and upload it on the website.

Message your hosts before you book

There’s no harm in contacting the host before you book the place. Ask the questions that have been bugging you such as hidden fees, the missing photos, if the place is actually near your destination, etc. Also ask about the public transportation and if the place is very accessible. Talking to the host can also help you get a grip on the type of person or host that they are.