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Soundproofing Your Apartment – Here’s How!

11/16/2018 John Evans 0 Comments

When living in a rented apartment, the biggest challenge everyone faces is not having the liberty to make changes to the house as per their requirements.  Of course, not being able to re-tile your bathroom or paint the kitchen is maddening, but that isn’t really of much importance as compared to living there with a peace of mind!
Are your ear-splitting neighbours making you go bonkers? Well, you no longer have to put up with the shortage of silence, neither do you need to break the rules of your lease by permanently soundproofing your apartment. We’ve got some sure-fire tactics that you can put to use in order to completely shut those noises down.
It is as easy as this – Noise travels! When you soundproof your place, it gives noise less room to travel.  Flat surfaces bounce the noise back, whereas uneven and softer ones tend to absorb the sound waves.
In this article, we’ll be taking you through 5 ways that will give you a gear to absorb the noise for you to relax in complete peace. Whether you are trying to create a home office space in ec3 or because you want to relax, follow these simple tips to soundproof your apartment.

Fill the entire bookshelf
This is where your high school degree yet again proves that your books can be put to use for more than just collecting dust on itself. If you happen to share a wall in common with your neighbour (which is often the case with apartments!), then placing a bookshelf right against it will help you get rid of those annoying noises. The bigger is your shelf, the less noise will get through that wall.
Well, it certainly goes without saying that for it to be effective, you’ve got to get the most out of those noise-absorbing items placed on the bookshelf. To do just that, nothing would work wonders for you rather than the asymmetrical shape of pile of books. Collect all your books and push them into your mantelpiece. The pressed pages of the books are perfect when it comes to preventing the sound.
Though you might want to have sort of an open space on your shelf, it is better that you save that idea for those walls that aren’t being shared. This is mainly because open spaces act like doors and allow sound waves to enter the apartment.

Hang down curtains and wall-hangings
It isn’t necessary to horde your room with heavy furniture in order to get rid of unwanted noises. Simply hang bulky fabrics on your walls, as they have the ability to dampen down the sound. Even ceiling-to-floor curtains can turn out to be an ideal option in such situations.
If your apartment doesn’t really have many windows, you could opt for woven wall-hangings, which we must say are still all the rage! Either create your own or buy one – the choice is completely yours. No matter what you do, the non-uniform and soft texture of these tapestries will not only help you obstruct the outside noise, but also let you create a zen-like space!

Throw on a rug
Placing rugs on floor are always considered as one of the best ways to quiet an apartment; even the one where it’s you who is making all the noise. There’s nothing better than making use of a single, heft rug to limit all the echoes.
However, when it comes to your neighbours, just one rug wouldn’t be enough.  Luckily, there’s another trend that you can turn to – layered rugs! Now if you’re thinking as to which rug you must layer, then the only suggestion would be to vary the texture. Go for irregularity, as it helps absorb more sound waves and provides you with a much quieter space.

Swap grumpy heaters with radiators
It isn’t always the neighbours who are the reason behind those annoying noise. At times, it could also be that old, grumpy heater of yours that’s making such weird sounds. If such is the case in your apartment, then nothing would work better than getting a radiator installed. Simply get in contact with a designer radiator company and get one for your room now!

Reorganise the entire room
When the lack of ability to shut down on the outside noises becomes annoying, you tend to neglect the obvious. Well, have you ever thought of re-organising your room in order to reduce your neighbours sound?
For instance, if you’ve got a huge television, then look to place it against the wall that you’re sharing, so that you can diminish the sound by binge-watching your favourite series. And if the noise is keeping you up all night long, then try placing your bed far away from the offending wall. Why not let your creative juices flowing? If you can swap your bedroom with your home office, then why not! It might seem to be a huge change, but so would be the sleep you’ll get every night.
Of course, you do not have to ruin the relationship that you have with your landlord in order to live a peaceful life. Simply put these ways to use and see how easy it becomes for you to control the noise level.