The Latest Trends in gold jewellery

11/28/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Yellow color gold jewellery which represents Sun in many cultures and the most popular color from generation. Today gold is available in a different color. The process of mixing other metals with pure 24-carat gold, increase durability and used to change its color. White gold is created by mixing pure gold with white metals called palladium or silver.  Rhodium used to make the gold harder surface and brighter shine.  In the recent year, White gold has become the choice for wedding bands, especially in the western world. The mixing copper results in the pink complexion popularly known as rose gold. There are some unusual colors such as blue and purple obtained from the patinas or oxides with the alloy surface. Black gold gets its color from cobalt oxide.

Trends in gold jewelry weight

The weight of gold is measured in ‘carats’. 24 carat is pure gold without any alloy metals In 18-carat gold contains 75 percent gold and 25 percent of metals, copper or silver. 18 carats mainly used in making Diamond Jewellery. The rise in demand for Diamond and low weight gold jewelry. 22caret gold is commonly used in making gold jewelry in Asian countries. 22caret gold is harder surface as well as provide flexibility to mold into many complex designs.

Trends in gold jewellery design

 Gold jewelry designs and trends are evergreen and continuously evolving. Every year, a large number of the new design are created to the existing jewelry design. Modern gold jewelry design has blended with classic, timeless jewelry.  Gold cocktail rings, trendy gold chokers, and gold ear cuffs; comes under the latest trends. Modern gold jewelry is inspired by the evergreen and traditional jewelry designs in India. Lightweight gold necklace designs are becoming famous. Lightweight gold necklace designs are the part of modern design, for daily wear this design is gaining its popularity. Among the young generation, heavy jewelry is tuff to carry so light weighted jewelry are handier and easy to use.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is the most recent trend of shopping all over the world. Men and women of all ages visit online platforms for purchasing their essential items. There are many e-commerce websites as melorra etc are selling gold and diamond jewelry online. The gold jewelry shops are creating there on a personal website to increase their reach. Buying gold jewelry online become an easy task. For example, if you type “gold necklace designs in 20 grams with price” as per this specification the site will show all the related items with accurate weight and price. The image of the product also appears on the screen. Bunch of attractive design is flash in the front of the eyes. After selecting the preferable item customer can pay online or able to select the option of cash on delivery.  Certificate and sign are attached with the product to prove the authenticity.