7 Reasons Why Add-On Covers in a Two Wheeler Insurance Is Important

12/19/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Two-wheeler insurance is a good way to ensure that your bike and you are covered in case of an unforeseen event. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates that all vehicles need to have at least a third-party insurance policy. People can choose to go a step ahead and get a comprehensive insurance policy which will take care of damages to the insured bike or injury to the policyholder in addition to legal liabilities towards others.

However, the insurance journey should not stop there. One should take one more step to strengthen their coverage. These special features or add-on covers help to take care of various financial and legal expenses. Additionally, they help the individual to ride their beloved vehicle without any worries.

These days, there are many online avenues wherein one can compare bike insurance policies issued by various providers. These online 2 wheeler insurance comparison portals come handy to view the add-on covers available.

In this article, we will give you the top seven reasons why you should get add-on covers for your two wheeler insurance policy.

  1. Medical Cover: This is the most important reason behind opting for add-on covers in two wheeler insurance. Hospitalization costs have increased exponentially in the recent past. A good medical cover ensures that the policyholder’s treatment costs are taken care of.

  2. Nil Depreciation Cover: In case of an accident, the two-wheeler owner has to bear the costs associated with depreciation. At the time of claim, the insurance provider pays the reduced value of these parts and not the real cost of replacing them. However, if the individual opts for the add-on cover called “nil or zero depreciation”, all these expenses are taken care by the insurance provider.

  3. Return to Invoice Cover: As the name suggests, with this add-on one can receive the invoice value of the two-wheeler in case of a total loss claim. Otherwise, the insurer compensates the policyholder only with the Insured Declared  Value of the bike. This add-on cover becomes more important as the age of the vehicle increases. Older the two-wheeler, higher is the applicable depreciation and lesser is the claimable value.

  4. Consumable Cover: In a basic two wheeler insurance policy, the insurer does not pay for the price of consumables in case of a claim. Consumables include sealant, nuts, bolts, lubricants, etc. Though these might seem like minor expenses, they can add up to a big amount. It is better to get them covered in the insurance policy through the suitable add-on feature.

  5. Accessories Cover: Many people like to deck up their beloved bikes with high-end accessories (electrical and non-electrical). These fancy fixtures may be expensive and in some cases burn quite a deep hole in one’s pockets. Two-wheeler owners with such accessories should opt for the accessories cover and get them insured as well.

  6. Roadside assistance: Imagine yourself stranded in the midst of nowhere with a broken down vehicle. Scary thought, isn’t it? You can easily avoid that situation with an add-on cover offering roadside assistance. The insurance provider will take care of towing facilities.

  7. Pillion rider Cover: Usually, two-wheeler insurance policies cover only the person driving the vehicle. Any injury to the pillion rider is beyond the scope of the policy. However, in the case of an accident, both the rider and pillion are exposed to the same level of risks. In fact, sometimes the mandatory helmet rule for the driver makes them a little more protected. A passenger cover is extremely important to ensure that even the pillion rider is adequately covered in case of an eventuality.

If you are the proud owner of a two-wheeler, it is your responsibility to protect your vehicle with the right add-on insurance covers. And the best part is that it is as simple as child’s play. Just visit an online 2 wheeler insurance aggregator and compare bike insurance policies available. Select what is relevant for you and ride with complete peace of mind.