AR: Is it useful for Jewellers?

12/05/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Every industry is making something or other of augmented reality. Talking about the realm of jewellery; it is not at all lagging behind.  No matter what your business is, if you use the right tools and instruments, you can do wonders. You can come up with the options that are effective, professional and dynamic.

You know the idea of augmented reality jewelry is an instant hit. Perhaps the reason that jewellers haven’t more readily adopted such a technology is because copying in the industry is widespread. Why transmit a platter a 3D view of the design you choose to a competitor? At the end of the day these can still look at it and purchase it so as to copy it. So it is not really an excuse.

The simple thing is that most of the people struggle to visualize designs, mainly when they see them in 2D on the screen. How many times have you sat in front of the computer carrying out some online shopping and wanted you might grab the product out of that screen and possess a great look at it? Even try it on. The Great idea is with augmented reality you can do such a thing without any issue. Certainly, it is possible and not a far cries anymore.

  Though jewelry is a largely tactile product and various people would argue that you have to find it in store to experience it, the common fact is that an increasing percentage of people are doing their research and window shopping on web.

 Augmented reality caters another tool for a jeweller to improve the luxury experience. In the business alone many people have witnessed massive growth in customers inclined to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a ring that too without ever stepping foot into a shop or store. Ah, it happens and it does!

Don’t forget that a new generation of digitally linked customers is growingly becoming the hugest purchasers of engagement rings. Augmented reality caters yet another wonderful tool for jewellers to cater a new way for customers and clients to experience their creations.

 It is certainly going to be an exciting time for consumers when 3D CAD software firms or companies make it convenient for the CAD operators to translate the creations, until then it will hugely remain the realm of the huge retail chains and technology savvy early adopters. 

Certainly when the customers can experience the feel and mood of their jewellery that they are looking forward to buy without even stepping into a shop or store; there can nothing be more exciting for them. 

There are people who would not bother to spend plenty of extra pennies for such a mood and experience. After all, whatever the customers seek today is convenience. They look forward to feel the ease of doing things and getting the essence of a product, especiallyjewelry before they buy it.


So, the idea of augmented reality for jewelry is undoubtedly a fantastic one. If you haven’t implemented it in your organization; you are surely missing out something wow!