Government Jobs in Healthcare

12/28/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Are there government jobs in healthcare? This is the question most candidates have when they get into their medical education. Let us find the answer here.

Government jobs in healthcare are plenty. In most instances, doctors and particularly, surgeons are able to find job openings in government hospitals. However, there are also jobs in other areas in the healthcare domain like administration jobs, jobs for nurses and there are many other openings available. All that is to be done by the candidates, who have the right experience in working in the healthcare domain, is to keep them updated with the help of job portals and through employment newspapers. For those interested in government jobs in the healthcare domain, here are some choices available as suggested by our career counsellor Mr Mukesh Maheshwari:


Doctors and hospital administrators with extensive experience in serving the healthcare domain can think about getting into education in healthcare. There are many government medical colleges and nursing colleges in India. They call for applications from eligible candidates for assistant professor and associate professor position. Of course, taking up NET test is important to get into these jobs. UGC and CSIR conducts the NET test for two times a year and applying and getting through this test will help with getting placed in the education field in the healthcare domain.

Senior Resident:

Doctors and pharmacist can apply for a senior resident position in government health care departments and bodies like Employees’ State Insurance Corporation. Candidates with a PG diploma or degree in the appropriate specialisation and with experience can apply to these positions. At times, the government organisations call for candidates for these positions in contract basis and if this is the case recruitment happens through an interview. If the recruitment is for a permanent position, the recruitment will happen through written test and interview.

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare:

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare at also posts job openings available in different government agencies in the healthcare sector. Here, candidates interested in government jobs in healthcare in addition to finding openings for doctors in government hospitals in India will also find openings for candidates not from the medical background like Programme Assistant. Such positions will be open to managing different healthcare programs introduced by the government. It means that jobs in the government sector in the healthcare domain are not just open for doctors and nurses, but the openings come for candidates from other educational backgrounds as well. So, those already working for healthcare in the private sector and those interested in a job shift to the healthcare sector can expect government job openings.

What are the benefits of government jobs in healthcare?

As most of us know, the first and foremost reason for candidates to look for government jobs not just in healthcare, but also in any other sector is job security. In addition to this benefit, better exposure is yet another benefit. Based on the position for which they are recruited, candidates will be in a position to learn about government procedures. Also, good pay scale and pension after retirement are other benefits.