Hair Loss: Main reasons behind hair loss

12/21/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Just like the other health issues, people these days are also facing hair loss problem. And these days hair loss is starting at a young age only. Be it a man or a woman, both are facing hair loss problem. There is not just one reason to it, but there are numerous reasons behind the hair loss problem. These days, many clinics are there for the treatment of hair loss. But it also depends on the reason for your hair loss that what treatment it needs. Below, we have listed some of the major reasons behind hair loss.

Deficiency of Iron or Anaemia

Hair loss also depends on Anaemia which is because of the deficiency of iron in a human’s body. As iron is also one of the important nutrients which are used in the development of hair cells. Mostly, the iron deficiency is seen among the women. So, you can say that in women one of the reasons for hair loss is iron deficiency. For the production of hair cell protein, ferritin is required. Intake of ferritin (stored iron), in a certain or prescribed amount, can help a lot in the growth of hair. From next time, if you feel that you are going through hair loss or hair fall situation, get a test done for checking the iron level in your body.

Dandruff or flaky scalp

Another main cause of hair loss is dandruff. The main causes of dandruff hair loss are dry scalp and dirty scalp. When the hair follicles get affected because of dandruff, hair loss will take place. In general, dandruff does not have any direct relation with the hair loss. But because of the itchy scalp which occurs because of dandruff, when you scratch your scalp, the hair becomes weak at the root. And the loss of hair starts while combing hair or while washing hair. So, one should try to keep the scalp clean, so that they don’t have to face dandruff and hair loss problem.

Use of different chemicals

The hair shampoo, hair conditioner, and the hair gel, which we use in our hair have different chemicals in it. Some of these chemicals are not good for our hair. Especially, the hair styling products which we use damage our hair a lot. The chemicals in these hair products damage our scalp and hair both. They lead to a situation when our hair starts breaking and falling, resulting in hair loss.

Poor scalp condition

The condition of our scalp is also one of the reasons behind the hair loss. If we will have an unhealthy scalp, it will lead to different hair problems. And poor scalp can be because of not washing head regularly, excess use of shampoo, exposing scalp to excess heat, dry scalp, etc. This leads to different infections on head including dandruff. Use shampoo Ketomac to keep your head clean and to keep dandruff away. Also, to save your scalp from other such conditions, you must wash it regularly. Try using natural hair products which are free of chemicals or does not have chemicals which can damage your hair.