You Should Know About the Beautiful Culture Of Rajasthan

12/20/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Rajasthan, formerly known as the Land of the Kings, is a beautiful example of the opulence and greatness of India, whose traces still linger in the air of this state. One of the most colorful and vibrant states in the country, with a mix of culture, history, music, cuisine and people who welcome you with smiling faces, falling in love with Rajasthan does not take long. Rajasthan has more history than the whole country as a whole.


There has been a strong influence of religion in Rajasthan. The majority of the residents of Rajasthan are Hindus (mainly Vaishnavas), Muslims and Jains. There are several temples that are important sites of pilgrims such as the temple Lodrakar and Ranakpur Jain, the Jagdish temple, etc.


If you visit Rajasthan, be sure to reserve some hours or even a day to go shopping. You will find beautiful carpets, clothes, jewelry and much more, all made by the local people. Any leather item is usually camel leather, they use it to make magazines, shoes and bags.

 The carpets are made of the techniques of hand weaving and very similar to Persian carpets. They have a geometric design and edges. There are also many miniature items made of red sand or clay such as children's toys or decorative pieces with bells. You can also find safah or paggri (traditional hats) in most stores that you can bring as a souvenir of the place and you will love the markets of Rajasthan.


Camels are animals commonly found in Rajasthan. Camels are desert animals destined to survive in conditions of water scarcity, extreme winds, heat and cold due to their biology. Most of the camps in Rajasthan will include camel rides, and you can experience how well camels can travel in deserts because of their long legs. Camel fairs are held every year in Bikaner, Pushkar and other regions. It is a festival or celebration of a species dedicated to the desert ship and its owners. There are several events and competitions held for fun such as the camel race and the camel dance. These festivals are usually held for two days.

Other customs

The people of Rajasthan hold a total of 16 events that they celebrate. Garbandhan (conception), Pumsvan (ceremony performed by those who desire a male child), Simantonnayana (ceremony for the waiting mother to hold their spirits up), Jatakarma (the child is fed with breast milk or the fir after birth) , Namkaran (Names Ceremony), Nishkraman (the baby sees the sun and the moon for the first time), Annaprashan (the child receives solid food to eat for the first time), Chudakaran (a lock of hair is kept and the rest is removed )), Karna-vedha (pierced ears), Upanayan-Vedarambha (string ceremony after the child begins his studies), Keshanta (hair is cut and guru dakhshina is given),


Women wear saris with the odhni covering their heads as a sign of respect. Men wear dhotis and kurtas with a cap called paggri or safah. The designs on your clothes are embroidered or dotted. The clothing material is usually made of cotton and even silk for women.


Rajasthan depends mainly on the income obtained through tourism. Thus, most people have learned English or Hindi, or perhaps both, to be able to communicate to travelers. However, some dialects originating in Rajasthan include Marwari, Malvi, Mevati, Jaipuri / Dhundari, of which the most famous is Marwari.

Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture and heritage of India where you can also do the adventurous activities. If you want to add luxury in your trip choose the India’s Palace on Wheels which is the most famous luxury train in India.