All about a MRI scan

1/10/2019 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

For a person to be able to undertake a MRI scan they need to ensure that their health has to be in optimum condition. It means having the right type of food, with regular exercise and sleeping in the right time. Even after undertaking these three things sometimes things may not be enough and you might have to avail a MRI scan undertaken. There are plenty of MRI scan centres in Mumbai which ensures the best in terms of results.

It is basically a preventive scan, which goes on to determine whether a person is suffering from any medical condition or not. The short form of MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It does go on to pave way to figure out whether the body has any form of abnormalities without the use of dyes or potential harmful impact of radiation that is seldom seen in the case of X rays . Not only magnets are used it also goes on to rely on computer technology in combination with radio waves. The entire body is scanned and then pictures are provided.  As these pictures tend to be very detailed it helps the technician along with the doctor to clearly understand whether any irregularities are present or not.

A MRI scan seems to be progressive in terms of technology and it is imperative that as an individual you need to get this scan undertaken. If you are an individual with pace maker you should avoid this scan because the presence of a magnetic field could cause the pacemaker to malfunction. For an individual who has various kinds of implants it does make sense to keep away from such type of scans. Once again the reason being given is that the presence of metal. For this reason when you arrive at the best MRI in Mumbai centre your clothes should not have any traces of metal. This same policy applies in case of any metal accessories in the form of glasses or hearing aids. You have to remove all these things before you go for scanning. An interesting feature is that when you are going for a scan you should not have a credit card in your pocket as a magnetic field could corrupt it.

All these above mentioned factors are the main indicators that you need to undertake before you are planning for a MRI scan. You need to note down that there are no food restrictions for a MRI scan. For a patient who has not undertaken the scan before a cause of concern would be whether it would hurt or not. The scan is not going to hurt as all a patient has to do is to lay down still when the scanning is taking place. For a scan to be complete it may take 45 minutes at the most. To be tension free it is imperative that a person can accompany you for support during the tenure of scanning. Be aware that in comparison to a patient that individual would also be subjected to magnetic field, so it does become important that the other person does not wear any metal. They need to be also being free from any other conditions if they do come in contact with a magnetic field.

Before planning for a MRI scan it does become important that you describe your medical history to the doctor. They are going to have an idea about the various types of implants in your body and whether any of them could be metallic in nature. The presence of magnetic fields during the course of a MRI scan is that they are so strong that they could suck you towards the machine if presence of metallic substances is detected in your body.

Before half an hour of the scan you need to arrive at the hospital. This means that the staff has ample amount of time at their end to start off with the registration process and address any last minute concerns that you might be having. All these details are addressed before you proceed to a MRI room. You will be asked to wear a hospital gown that is free from any metallic substances. Then an interview will be scheduled with all your details being verified by a technologist.

As mentioned the process of MRI is going to take at the most 45 minutes or so. Here you might have to lie down on a padded table and you might be asked to move over to a large open magnet that would surround your entire body. Assistance in the form of hand held device will be provided to you in case if you face any sort of discomfort during the course of the procedure. There is also presence of a speaker which the technologist would speak to you. Once you are lying down, try to relax and be as comfortable as possible. If you move around the chances are that the images could be blurred which makes the results enduring. A lot of loud noises you will hear and all this are once again due to the changes expected in the magnetic field. In most cases this is a safe procedure but if you have a history of metallic issues then it is better to stay away from this procedure.

To conclude medical field has evolved steadily in the last few years. It would really be interesting to note that till a few years ago the number of preventive measures that was available would be at a bare minimum. But with modern tests a host of medical conditions could be diagnosed before they go on to become serious. Be aware that preventive measures are important because they can save the life of a person. The main difference between a CT scan and a MRI scan is that the latter does not rely on the use of technology. With comfortable clothes the patient should approach the medical centre and the side effects are at a bare minimum.