Free vs Paid: The Best Screen Recorder Software

1/21/2019 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Nobody denies that having something free feels great. However, is it really the best choice when it comes to a screen recorder software? If you are running a business and want high-definition videos to pitch your clients or train your business, you need good software that records at a high frame rate.

You have to impress the other person and grab their attention.

The same goes for a YouTuber. If you upload low-quality videos, your subscribers will gradually start unsubscribing because they will think you aren’t enough efforts to maintain quality.

Which is the better screen recorder software: free or paid?

You have to be very careful while making the choice because once you choose, you can’t degrade the quality. Also, you can’t keep changing the quality as it confuses the viewers and gives an unprofessional vibe. Here are four points of comparison between the two types of software:

1. Recording time

Free software

Most free screen recording software only record up to 15 seconds of videos. You will rarely find software that records up to two to three minutes. If you want to record small videos, free software is the better choice.

Paid software  

If your profession greatly depends on making videos and presentations, you might want to purchase a paid software as they come with unlimited recording time feature. Also, the free software only offers up to 2GB of cloud storage, whereas a paid one offers around 1TB cloud storage.

2. Brand watermark

Free software

You are using someone else’s software, so there is going to be a watermark. You can use it if you are using it for personal use.

Paid software  

A paid software doesn’t add its brand watermark on your video. You hold complete rights to your recording and don’t have to worry about the license. You can also add a custom watermark when you use a paid screen recorder.

3. Video quality and clarity

Free software

Video quality and clarity will weaker compared to a paid software. The video you record can show delay or lag.  

Paid software  

With a paid software, you don’t have to worry about any of it. You can compress the video and reduce the file size. It won’t lag or show delayed activity either. You can also select the section of the screen you want to record, an option you don’t get with a free one.

4. Bandwidth

Free software

It goes without saying that a free software has a limited bandwidth. It will work when your business is small and have a restricted audience to cater to. However, as your company grows, you might want to make more videos and reach a larger audience.

Paid software  

You will ultimately have to purchase a paid software. You can do that right at the beginning, so you make a greater number of videos and reach popularity faster.

5. Format compatibility

Free software

Free software is compatible with a limited number of formats. YouTube or any other platform might not accept the free formats. If it is compatible with other formats, you might have to pay for them, which comes down to the same thing.

Paid software  

You don’t have to worry about all that with a paid software. It supports a wide range of formats and automatically adjusts the video to different screen sizes.

6. Frequency

Free software

A free software might only allow you to record videos only for a limited number of times. After that, you will have to upgrade its premium version.

Paid software  

A paid software lets you record an unlimited number of times. Some software are available on a yearly-license basis, but most of them charge a one-time fee.

The verdict

By now, you are convinced that buying a paid software is the most practical and hassle-free solution. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is one of the best-paid software in the market.  It is a two-in-one software, which includes a screen recorder .

Other than capturing online videos, live streams, and how-to videos, you can upload recordings from your computer and edit them. You can download its free seven-day trial version to see how you like it.