The Odd Job of 5: 3 Things You Need to Stop Doing and 2 Things You Need to Start

1/02/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

You must have heard about many things that you are told not to do on an everyday basis. Don’t drive faster than the speed limit, don’t leave house without breakfast and many others. Of course, there are a list of things that you need to do as well like take a bath everyday and go to work among others.

 Most of these dos and don’ts are driven by the social norms that we have. They have an affect on what we wear, what we eat, and even how we speak. However, there are many things that we do just as a formality and we need to stop right away. And just on the other side, there are things that we need to get started with. Let us take a look at what to pick and what to drop to improve our lives.

1. Stop asking, “How are you?”

We are often asking people, ‘how are you?’, but how many times are you really interested in knowing about them. We say it because it is the normative greeting in our society. We also get a normal response like, ‘fine and you?’ This exchange doesn’t really go anywhere. What we are simply trying to say is open a conversation that is meaningful. Even a simple Good Morning, is more effective than this statement. The one thing that you need to stop doing is being superficial and genuinely care and make conversation with people around you.

2. Don’t glorify busyness

One extremely common statement we hear quite often is, ‘I’m so busy.’ Busyness is like a measure of success in our society. Along with busyness, you also need to be stressed. On an average, everyday you will meet people who will tell you how busy they are. They will brag about getting only three hours of sleep, working long hours and not getting any leaves.

 You will find very few people who will boast about getting 9 to 10 hours of sleep and leaving work early. But the fact is, we fill our calendar to the brim because that is the norm. Everybody seems to be doing it. But do we like it? Running out of time all the time defines poor time management and being stressed equals to health issues. So, turn it the other way around and stop being busy.

3. Stop driving distracted

The rules say, don’t take on the phone while driving. But are you checking your messages at every stop signal? Or are you really still continuing the argument you had in office, at the back of your mind? Driving requires us to be focused, no matter how expert we are in it. You can enjoy some music,but screen time should be out of your way.

4. Pick a challenging game like Rummy

You possibly have many game apps on your mobile. But are these challenging enough to push your thinking buttons. Most of them are not. One game that you must try is the online rummy game. You can play this game and win cash prizes and improve your analytical skills on a day to day basis. If you have never tried this game before, you can check the rummy tips and get a hang of the game fast. Download rummy now and enjoy playing this fast card game.

5. Take breaks

With breaks we don’t mean, going for a quick walk. You need to take short trips, vacations and holiday. Even if it is pushing out over the weekend, it refreshes you and you come back with a new spurge of energy. Make it a plan to take at least one short break in every 3 months. It gives you a perfect way to relax and unwind and keep stress and anger out of your life.

So, you understand the odd job of 5. Ditch the first three habits and incorporate the last two. You not only move closer to an improved lifestyle but also gain some positive new habits. Even though there are many social norms around us, not all of them need to be followed blindly. Remember the rule, pick some and leave others.