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Four Factors Related to Skip Bin Hiring

2/21/2019 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

When it comes to hiring of a skip bin, there are a number of factors that many of the skip hiring companies need to address. Four of them are as follows.

1.    Stolen skip and what to do about them – If this has happened to you, try looking around the street in case the skip driver left it in someone else’s property or house. If you doubt that your bin has been stolen, you can report it to the police and at the same time claim on your home insurance if you wish.

If you want a skip replacement, there is often a charge for each replacement including delivery. It is preferred that you mark your door number and street very clearly on the outside and the inside of the skip bin.

2.    Damaged skip – Skips often have splits as a result of the wear and tear. These splits may occur when the bin is emptied. However, this doesn’t mean that the damage has been done by the collection team. This dumping and emptying the collection has gone through numerous times spanning the life of a standard wheeled bin without any problem. Under many of the companies’ policies, if the skip is broken or cracked down within two years, they will replace it free of charge. In case, the skip is over two years old, there is charge for each replacement.

3.   Repairing of the skips – If you can’t afford a new skip bin, the companies usually provides a free of charge bin repairing service. Wherever it is possible, they will replace wheels and repair splits in the body of the skip by taping over them. You can also repair the skip yourself. They will continue to empty the skip even with a split if it is safe to do so. If the skip is beyond repairing, you will need to order a replacement.

4.    Skip damaged by the bin men – If the skip bin is damaged by the companies’ collection team, this will by the team provided the skip was numbered. They will leave a note with a reference number explaining how they will replace the damaged skip with a new one free of charge.

You should know the skip is the sole property of the company that the skip is allocated to a location and not to the individual resident in question. You can always buy or rent a replacement skip. However, the process is likely to cost you more than ordering one from a good skip hiring company. Also, remember that poor quality skip bins can pose a serious safety risk and the people who are supposed to empty them might refuse to do so.