Protecting your hair from air pollution

2/18/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Most people today do realize the fact that pollution can have a harmful effect on their health, but what most people are not aware off is that this pollution can also have a very harmful effect on the skin and the hair. It is therefore very important that you adapt certain measures that will protect your hair from the damage that is caused by air pollution.

In order to prevent your skin from the damages caused by air pollution, most people make use of sunscreen creams or lotions. But then the question here is " How can you protect your hair from the damages caused by air pollution?"

What happens when your hair is exposed to pollution?

There are very tiny bits of soot, smoke and fumes present in air. These can settle down on your scalp which might dry it out. It might also cause inflamed and itchy scalp and hair breakage. This is especially true for those people who live in highly polluted areas. So in such cases using a good ketomac shampoo is certainly a very good idea.

Ways to protect your hair from air pollution

·         Make sure that you always cover your hair

Make sure to cover your hair every time you step out into the sun. The outer cuticles of your hair are extremely prone to sun damage. So there is a very high chance for your hair to become dry and dull. You can make use of a scarf or a hat in order to protect your hair from these damages.

·         If you tie your hair close to your head then you will definitely be able to protect your hair better

If you want to know " how to protect hair from hair pollution" then you can certainly try a good technique of tying your hair. Making a bun is a good idea however make sure that you do not tie your hair very tightly. You can make use of cloth scrunches in place of hair bands.

·         Taking a good hair spa will also be effective

It is very important that before you step out into the sun you do a good hair conditioning and a hair spa. This will help in strengthening the roots of your hair and add some extra nutrients to it. This will certainly make your hair healthier and prevent it from damages.

·         Reduce down the number of washes of your hair

It might sound surprising but it is a good idea to reduce down the number of times you wash your hair. It is very true that washing your hair regularly helps in cleaning the dirt accumulated in the hair. But most shampoos contain sulphates and these tend to damage your hair all the more. If you want to wash your hair regularly then make use of a mild shampoo.

·         Making use of a hydrating mask is also a good idea

If you want then you can make use of a moisture or any other formula that will keep your hair hydrated. Make sure that you use a product that will strengthen the hydro-lipid layer  and will boost the hydration levels of your hair.

If you follow these steps and make use of a good shampoo then you will certainly be able to maintain the quality of your hair.