Best Practices for Maintaining Customer Loyalty

3/02/2019 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

You already know the importance of your regular customers - they are not only giving you a steady stream of income but they are also the ones who are giving recommendations. With this, you have to spend time, effort and resources in empowering your regular customers.

You should put more emphasis on your loyalty programs. Loyalty programs may offer prizes, store credit or other benefits enticing the devotion of a customer to your brand. In simple terms, a loyalty program is a marketing tool that is implemented to reward the purchasing behaviors of the customers.

Ultimately, loyalty programs will boost your reputation and increase your sales. With this, it is crucial that you keep the customers coming back and entice new ones. Here are some best practices that you can consider:

Respond to feedback
Having an online store means giving your customers a chance to send feedback about their experiences at any given time. You can use the results to improve your services next time. It can be as simple as selecting a smiley face if everything went well according to expectation or a frown if something was amiss. You should also put a space for the customers to add comments.

If you see any feedback, it is crucial that you directly respond to it. Keep in mind that the conversation will improve the customer’s brand perception. If you see positive feedback, you should also respond. Responding directly will show that you care about the individual experiences of your customers. It will go a long way in building loyalty.

Foster social media presence
Social media is an important way of keeping your brand on top. However, fostering social media presence could take a lot of your time. The prudent thing to do is to determine the ones that will be most effective for your online business.

As soon as you identified the most effective for your online business, you can include callouts to your accounts whenever possible. You should embed links to your profiles. If you put your attention to fostering your social media presence, it will be a constant reminder to your customers why your brand is great.

Present gift cards
During special holidays like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation or even Valentine’s Day, gift cards are a good strategy to grow the customer base. You can consider Brand Bucks for instance. It will help customers save with online purchases. As soon as your gift cards are available, you should let regulars know through an email announcement. 

Make the system easy to use
Customers utilising loyalty systems will return often. With this, you have to ensure a great setup to keep them coming back for more. You have to ensure that your system is easy to use and when it comes to rewards, it should be meaningful and worthwhile.

Keep in mind that repeat customers are the foundation of your online business. It will not only get you more regulars, but it can also deepen your relationships with new ones. As you generate loyal customers, they will begin sharing their positive experiences with their contacts. At the end of the day, you will get the positive outcome you’ve been praying for.