Do Baby Have Kneecaps? Know Everything about Infants and Their Knee Growth

3/01/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

It may seem as an utter meaningless question to you, but have you ever thought why babies crawl so fast and so easy without hurting their knees? Spend a minute thinking about this.

Infants and toddlers do not have kneecap. Yes, it’s a fact that most of us do not know about babies. Just like babies have more than 206 bones in their body, they also do not have any kneecap while born. Kids, at birth, are born with kneesmade of cartilage and not bones. As the baby grows up, the patellaturn into bone in a process called ossification. Ossification starts working inside the human body after it has reached the 3- years’ old mark. In fact, the human body do not get a proper kneecap until it has entered into puberty.

So to answer your question, ‘do baby have kneecaps,’ the answer should be a no. Presence of patella and not a kneecap made of bone is actually a boon for babies. As infants start crawling when they are six months old, a kneecap would have caused a lot of problem. The kneecap, like we adults have, is a strong bone structure. If we try crawling like a baby depending on our knees, it would hurt us severely. On the other hand, a baby starts its first movement with the help of the tender patella it has. The cartilage is round and tender in shape, and help babies move on their knees without hurting. 

Another plus point for babies of having no kneecap is that they fall a lot. When babies start moving, crawling or learn how to walk and take its first foot forward, they are prone to fall on the floor more often than us adults. Absence of the kneecap, however, helps kids to not get hurt while they fall on the floor or any other hard surface.

Not only kneecap, as newborns and infants have more cartilage than bones inside their whole body, falling, crawling and moving on their knees are not at all difficult and painful for them. If they fall, and hurt themselves, they try to get attention for some time. If that attempt fails, they immediately move onto their next mission.

Experts say, before turning 2- years’ old, the human body do not start structuring the knnes. When the human is two- years’ old, it starts taking all the damage and weight. The very important joint called kneecap, therefore, forms by the intersection of the femur (the thigh bone), the tibia (shinbone) and the patella (tender kneecap).The formation or the final expansion tissues and bones come to an end when young adulthood strikes the human body. Like many other internal and external changes that the body experiences in puberty, knees also come into the shape of a strong, circular and round kneecap with fluids inside so that we can move.