How To Install Car Emblems Like A Pro

3/22/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Emblems and decals provide vehicles with a form of identification and branding. However, wear and tear issues contribute to specific types of damage. Others also experience adhesive issues and require replacement. While it is advisable to hire professionals, budget-conscious people can do the task. The following are ways to install a car emblem properly.

Read the Instruction

The first step involves reading the instruction that comes with an emblem. Most of the time, manufacturers provide relevant information on how to stick or remove the item. Taking time to understand the instruction allows you to prevent mistakes and identify specific requirements in mounting a Mercedes gold emblem.

Prepare Tools and Materials

You also need to prepare some tools to help facilitate the mounting of the emblem. Painters tape enables you to mark the area where you seek to place the emblem. Heat gun becomes valuable if you plan to remove an old decal. A putty knife scrapes adhesives left behind from a previous sticker or emblem. The other materials you need include rag, adhesive cleaner, and isopropyl alcohol mixture.

Clean the Surface Area

Before mounting the emblem, you should also make an effort to clean the surface area from debris. Using soap and water helps remove dirt, grease, oils, and other types. After washing, use a clean cloth to dry the area. A clean and dry surface area helps in making the adhesive stronger in holding the emblem and prevent any issues.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is an added substance that helps improve the mounting of your Mercedes gold emblem. The solution comprises of 30% distilled water and 70% isopropyl alcohol. The process involves applying the alcohol in a clean area and gently wipe. Isopropyl remains a popular substance in auto detailing due to its properties. Alcohol helps remove dirt that cannot be removed by soap and water. Moreover, the liquid evaporates faster which makes it ideal for cleaning.

Mark the Area

After cleaning, you can then mark the area to place the emblem. Try doing a dry placement before peeling the adhesive. A painters tape will help you mark the location in a straight line. You get the chance to see whether the emblem aligns appropriately. As you remove the adhesion, make sure to apply ample pressure for at least 30 seconds. The move allows the emblem to stick to the surface.

Check the Temperature

Additionally, you can also check the temperature when placing an emblem. Keeping surface and surrounding temperatures higher than 60F is crucial. Adhesives tend to have issues bonding correctly when installed in colder environments. So make sure to control the temperature. The approach also helps lower the chances of the emblem falling down and potentially losing or breaking the object.

The Bottom Line

Overall, installing a Mercedes gold emblem is a process that requires considerable attention. Vehicle owners need to understand using specific tools and techniques to attain proper adhesiveness and keep the object secure. The suggestions above should help you identify the steps and get the job done without spending too much.

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