What is Douyin (Tik Tok) , how to sell on Douyin?

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·  Behind the Tik Tok (Douyin) Wonder
·  The most effective method to improve online traffic with scenes, substance and clients
·  The most effective method to make the correct promotion battles on Tik Tok
·  Step by step instructions to advance your image through Tik Tok presentation and cooperations

Visitor Speakers

·  Xia Wu – Business System Administrations Administrator, Bytedance Innovation
·  Minlin Yuan – Northern China Showcasing Chief, Bytedance Innovation

1. Behind the Tik Tok (Douyin) Wonder

By mid-June 2018, Bytedance Innovation's items had more than 400 million day by day dynamic clients (DAU) in China and have since picked up an extra 150 million. (NoteDAU=Daily Dynamic Client)

Things being what they are, who are Tik Tok clients?

Tik Tok client outline: Right now, 90% of Tik Tok clients are younger than 35. 60% of clients hold a Four year college education or higher.

Client stickiness: Tik Tok's client stickiness far surpasses other online stages. From every day use recurrence to the normal client time window, Tik Tok demonstrates a solid client commitment with high recurrence utilization amid prime occasions.

Who makes the substance on Tik Tok?

At the outset, online influencers made the majority of the substance. From that point forward, these influencers have enormously developed in size. Some influencers have a large number of adherents.
In the meantime, Tik Tok has welcomed VIPs into the stage, a large number of whom are web superstars, including Dilraba Dilmurat, Guan Xiaotong, Zhou Dongyu and some more. At the point when "Gaga Move Machine" (a famous capacity of Tik Tok) was first discharged, the chief video was a joint effort between Tik Tok and Guan Xiaotong.

Notwithstanding influencers, Tik Tok has the ability to produce new patterns. Coco Milk Tea is a prime case of this: a Tik Tok client recorded a video of requesting milk tea at Coco with their novel solicitations, along these lines becoming famous online on Tik Tok. Subsequently, Coco put the exceptional milk tea on the menu as a "Tik Tok Unique." There are likewise numerous innovative thoughts conforming to HaiDiLao Hotpot, where Tik Tok clients can investigate different foods, which helped drive business for HaiDiLao.

2. Step by step instructions to streamline traffic with scenes, substance and clients
What sort of substance draws in most of Tik Tok clients?

There are four sorts: Reversal show, adorable young ladies, charming pets, and entertaining comics. Another approach to condense this would be the 3B's – excellence, monster, and child.

"Tik Tok Show Fans" :

This alludes to clients who are enthused about music pieces with plots, stories, etc.

Some influencers have made their imprint with well known Tik Tok recordings running from music to move cuts.

Tik Tok has given us an exceptionally fruitful stage that has a one of a kind promoting approach. To improve Tik Tok's client experience, we should be cautious in growing advertisement crusades and discovering approaches to have an effect without adversely influencing client encounters.

3. The most effective method to make the correct advertisement battle on Tik Tok

With the advancement of item functionalities, Tik Tok has presented its image page work.

Before brand pages were discharged, transferring to Tik Tok was all the more an individual ordeal. As brand pages have picked up prevalence throughout the years, clients who esteem content creation would now be able to aggregate their client stickiness on their image pages.

In this manner, we are enabling brands and organizations to transfer their advertisements onto Tik Tok and for brands who'd like to work together with ability on Tik Tok. Moreover, if Tik Tok designers and chiefs trust the substance is of fantastic, they will move the post to the highest point of clients feed.

Since this capacity can be viewed as a point of arrival, we have a strong arrangement for explicit theme situated joint efforts on Tik Tok. We can team up with different skilled clients regularly, adding substance and traffic to the brand page.

With the making of brand pages, we accepted there would be questions, for example, when might be the best time to distribute content? Here are a few responses to such inquiries.

The Ideal Time:

The accompanying information has been gathered from Tik Tok's stage, and this data is exceptional to Tik Tok clients. Most clients are dynamic between 8am to midnight, with early afternoon and the night being the pinnacle client times.

We recommend that brands and promoters transfer their advertisements around early afternoon or after-work hours, including the general driving and unwinding time.

From tests led on select customer brand pages, we discovered that on the off chance that you need to keep your impact at a specific dimension, you should distribute perseveringly on the stage with the goal that individuals are effectively mindful of your quality. Try not to concentrate on how much brand data is inserted, how right it is, or its quality. We trust recurrence is the most essential factor in connection to posting time.

By posting five times each week, you can immaculately work and market your image page.

The Correct Substance:

·  Notwithstanding the perfect time, we need the correct substance.
·  We have gathered explicit, basic highlights among best brand pages on Tik Tok:

·  Eye-getting spread photograph
·  Interesting substance, with a dash of Tik Tok style
·  Progressively viable with ambient melodies
·  Inventiveness is vital

A few promoters put TVCs on Tik Tok; notwithstanding, we don't suggest this system. In spite of the fact that TVC preparations are typically complex, TVC's story style does not coordinate Tik Tok's stage and style. As should be obvious, numerous TVCs on brand pages have moderately less perspectives or "preferences."

Tik Tok has a dissemination technique where content that appears to be unintentionally recorded may finish up with high proposal rates and a vast volume of natural reach.

To wrap things up, following clients back is the way to progress. On Tik Tok, attempt your best to answer to everybody who associates with you; this is an essential advance to pull in more supporters for your image pages.

4. Step by step instructions to advance your image through Tik Tok with presentation and cooperations

From a brand's viewpoint, image presentation, cooperation, and switch can occur in different ways.
With respect to presentation, a brand can utilize Tik Tok's data stream. Consistently we have a Tik Tok Fair, which was sold out a year ago. Tik Tok Fair is a phenomenal chance to assemble Tik Tok influencers, gifts, and famous people. Undoubtedly, it is additionally the best time for brands and sponsors to embed their advertisement content, spruce up their quality on Tik Tok, and meet more clients on the stage face to face.

Concerning brand communication, the most productive technique is set up web based diversions and exercises. As we referenced, Gaga Move Machine and AR are only a couple of famous ways for brands to target client gatherings. These capacities are open and empowered for brand joint efforts; as of now, clients are still during the time spent choosing the correct brands and customers for future coordinated efforts.

In conclusion, the brand change is for the most part observed on Tik Tok brand pages, including the utilization of Tik Tok red pocket coordinated effort and educational stream. To finish up, these are some pragmatic approaches to approach brand transformation.

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