6 Reasons To Use Drip Campaigns In Email Marketing

4/17/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Email marketing is a high-performance online strategy for sending emails to people. An effective approach converts prospects into customers and turns one-time buyers into dedicated true fans.

How to drive sales if you have thousands of leads and perspective clients? How to send informatory high-quality emails to a large number of individuals? To drive sales and save time and effort at once, professionals tend to automate everything. This way, drip emails appeared and sellers all over the world take advantage of them.

Multi-purpose tool

The first positive thing about drip emails is that you can use them for any aims and needs, so you are never limited. For example, via drip emails, you can welcome people, send investor pitches, share onboarding emails and relevant material, nurture leads and give promo-codes, invite people to conferences and say a farewell.

All in all, everything depends upon the goals you’ve set and the type of emails you’ve got to spread. Any of them can be applied, it’s all up to your imagination.


The problem of the contemporary world is the mass market. Everything is created and targeted for thousands of people, so no one expects to get emails created for them personally.

And the drip campaigns came to solve this issue. One of the aims is to make closer personal face-to-face contact with sellers.

Thanks to drip emails, the user has the ability to personalize all the messages not only with the recipient’s name but with the name of the company the person works for, event name, etc.


If you have to compose hundreds of emails and you already don’t know how to make each of them original or you simply don’t know how to compose an email right or the copywriter in your team is tired of writing fresh emails daily, that’s not a trouble. As a rule, drip campaigns tools offer their users pre-written email templates. There is a great number of templates for every business-case and they are always at hand.

Sometimes you need to make an email even more educational and this is where file attachments feature comes to the rescue. You can insert trackable links (which might be also calls-to-action) and add files.


Email marketing performed by means of drip campaigns will save time for any professional. The process works independently and one doesn’t have to control all and sundry.

This is thanks to the next two points, scheduling and automation.


The crucial clause of a drip campaign is to start the first message. Then, the system does everything. What exactly “everything”? Just have a quick look.

A drip campaign is a chain of emails sent to people depending upon the actions the recipients perform. These actions are triggers that define the next step in the campaign.

So, to not waste the time and please the customer, just compose emails, set triggers, delays, and goals. Then, follow the statistics.


The feature of setting a schedule is definitely handy. It lets you set the campaign on autopilot and the messages are spread due to the timezone the leads from this list live in.

This feature is truly helpful. Firstly, you won’t have to control everything manually. Just set up the time, day, timezone and spend time on something more valuable. And secondly, the sent emails will get the Inboxes when the leads and clients are favorable to them and will gladly open the messages.

Why ignore them?

The tool of drip campaigns is the quickest and easiest way to grasp the prospects’ attention and gain higher conversion rate. With this tool, you can generate a more personalized approach that always shows a higher open and click-through rate. Based on the above-mentioned reasons, you can be sure that with drip emails you will save you time and effort and the leads will always see your emails. Adding this tool to the armory, you will easily automate email marketing and get higher profit.