Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy With Right Medications

4/25/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Pregnancy is a blessing for all women. If you are conceiving, then you must be getting the urge of eating every now and then. The hunger pangs strike often during the period of conception. You crave to eat spicy food more when you are pregnant. The spice in your food and other unhealthy diet give rise to acidity. As a result, you suffer from heartburn at the time of pregnancy. The right medications and a proper diet can keep you away from heartburn issues during pregnancy. Let us get a brief idea about the causes of heartburn in pregnancy and how can you prevent it effectively in the next lines.

Heartburn at the time of conception

When a baby develops inside your womb, it is natural to get food cravings. The constant hunger pangs make you binge on unhealthy diet, especially spicy food which puts a negative impact on your digestion. The indigestion makes your heart burn and you feel unease. Heartburn is a discomfort which most of the pregnant women experience in their pregnancy months. Heartburn is also known as acid reflux which escalates when a woman is expecting. Usually, heartburn strikes to a woman who is in her third trimester. Aside from indigestion, the other reasons associated with heartburn at the time of pregnancy could be the pressure of your baby on the stomach and the hormonal changes.

Common signs of heartburn

Heartburn occurs after you have your meals. When you go to bed at night or take a nap in the day, the acid in your stomach shoots up to the esophagus and back in the throat, causing heartburn symptoms in a pregnant woman. Symptoms linked to heartburn during conception are mentioned below.

1. Burning sensation in the throat.
2. You might feel ache in the breastbone.
3. A taste of sour on the tongue.
4. Constant feeling of heaviness in your stomach.
5. Belching after having meals.

Prominent reasons of heartburn

When a woman is expecting, she goes through severe changes in the nine months of pregnancy. The prominent reason which causes heartburn is the increased level of the progesterone hormone. Blame hormones for triggering acid reflux or heartburn in pregnancy. The most common causes that trigger heartburn are Foods that are packed with high fats, tomatoes, citrus fruits, spicy meals, alcohol, obesity, smoking, chocolates and overeating.

Diagnose heartburn with appropriate medicines

If you have troubles pertaining to the heartburn in your pregnancy days, then you should consult your doctor at once. Your healthcare practitioner will diagnose you properly to know the exact cause of the heartburn. After diagnosis, your healthcare provider will give you apt medications to keep acid reflux in check when you are in your family way. The heartburn medications and pregnancy can provide a soothing result to pregnant women. If you follow a proper diet, exercise regularly and keep weight in check, then you will be to get shot of heartburn quickly. Your doctor may prescribe antacid which will be safe to ingest during pregnancy and will reduce heartburn instantly.

On following healthy diet and a stress-free life can keep you away from heartburn. Talk to your healthcare practitioner to have safe heartburn medicine during pregnancy.