Safely remove the stones from the body with the help of stones extraction balloons

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Extraction balloons are extensively used in the removal of pancreatic and biliary stones from the body.  The stone extraction balloons can be termed as endoscopy catheters which have a round shaped balloon at the tip and also available in various sizes according to the need of the surgery.  The balloon at the tip of the device can be inflated with air to adjust with the size of the balloon.

With the size of stone extraction balloon, it is referred to the diameter of the inflated balloon which is often measured in millimetres. The diameter of the balloon matches with the diameter of the biliary or pancreatic duct from which the stone and other debris are to be removed through surgery.

Types of stone extraction balloons

There are three layers of a lumen in a stone extraction balloon.  The first layer of the lumen is used to inflate or deflate the balloon, the second layer of the lumen contains a guide wire and the third lumen is for contrast material injection. Each of the lumens can be independently accessed by the Luer lock at the opposite end of the stone extraction balloon. Another variant of stone extraction balloon is also available in the market although it is an older variety.  it is a double lumen where the first woman is either a guide wire or contrast material injection where is the second lumen is used to inflate or deflate the balloon.

Most of the stone extraction balloon products are available with the ports of contrast material at the proximal and distal position from the area of the balloon on a catheter.  The stone extraction balloons are available with distal injection ports which are very efficient to clear the duct of the stone extraction balloon and allow the surgery to be performed properly.  Another variant of stone extraction balloon is a blend of extraction balloon and sphincter tome. The device is a double layered lumen whose diameter is 11.5 mm.  The balloon is available in two types of the proximal or distal to the cutting wire.

Benefits of using stone extraction balloons

The Stone extraction balloons are extensively used to perform various type of surgery including pancreatography and occlusion cholangiography. The primary function of stone extraction balloon is to clean the biliary and pancreatic duct from the large stones and other debris. The stone extraction balloons are easily available from the stone extraction balloon distributor across the country.
The catheter with the stone extraction balloons are inserted into the duct from which the stone is to be removed and the stone extraction balloons are inflated according to the size of the duct.  the catheter is withdrawn from this position and the inflated balloon literally sweeps the stone or the largest along the duct.  After the balloon is completely into the small intestine then the stones are delivered just before the balloon on the other side of the duct.

In similar fashion, the binary parasite and foreign bodies like stents are also extracted from the biliary or pancreatic duct.