Service Trips and Volunteering Abroad

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Actually want to learn from the experiential world around you? Service trips can provide you an amazing way to impactful learning by changing your old criterion to view anything.

What areService Trips?

These are experiences that completely immersive and challenge your capabilities to surpass your comfort zone in order to make you learn a whole uniquely different environment and give back as one develops a new sense of community.

A theme is followed in each trip which is a blend of volunteer, work, travel,cultural exchange and community engagement. For instance a medical volunteer would like to travel to a country where he aid people in medical relief while working alongside local communities and learning with working. Also a tangible understanding is received through group activities, presentations and tours to relevant sites.

These are generally offered in group of participants.

Not restricted to Faraway Destinations

If volunteer feels concerned about issues in one’s own country and wishes to work towards then service trips allows you to dive into your passion being in your own homeland. It is an amazing way to know more about you nation, explore its various regions and connect with communities.

How to find a Service Trip

You need to research to find a right adventure meeting you interests and goals. Also you may take help of advisors, family or friends who have already done similar program to get an inside knowhow. Consider taking help from search engines and various volunteer program websites.

·         Do consider why the trip matters to you?
·         Why this cause is important to invest you time in?
·         What you can give and contribute?
·         What are you hoping to gain from the trip?
·         What are you going to do after receiving learning from trip?

Above are some points to keep in mind.

Age is just a Number

 High school students, college students, young adults and adults aged 35+ can do service trips allowing you to grow as an individual and a traveller.

Volunteer trips to Abroad

These are opportunities open to individuals who wish to participate in ongoing volunteer trips abroad efforts in a foreign land more often in developing countries in need, with an aim to impact lives of people and environment .It is diverse in nature and one have the freedom to choose the area of interest. Volunteer collaborates with local volunteer organisations that conduct activities like education, health promotion,environmental conservation, empowering women etc.

It is generally a broad term which captures skilled multi-year placements as well as short term roles. In an advanced word it is called as “Volunteerism” where the range of activities is conducted by NGO’s, governmental organisations, charitable trusts and travel agents. You can also get in touch with The Hope Homes for these trips.

·         It costs you as expenses are incurred, it’s not possible to volunteer abroad for free
·         Look for a local community involvement
·         Be a responsible volunteer while in abroad, choose good program that help facilitate adequate preparation
·         Get affiliations with professional organisations
So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Become a volunteer with The Hope Homes.