Things You Need to Know About Event Tech in 2019

4/09/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Technology has been emerging gradually, it is not just affecting the daily, revolution in technology also changing the business strategies and trend. The rules of events have changed because of technology impacts. Event industry is growing every year worldwide.Events became powerful and popular tools for company sales, products, services, brand identity and the relationship with the customer. Usually, business companies organize various types of events such as business events, business meetings, product exhibition, trade show, company training workshop about new product and grand opening, etc.

Event industry is generating billions of dollars in revenue. Just in the UK event industry earned up to 35 billion pounds.The event is an essential factor in business existence.Annually, companies spent their 30% budget on events. Events became the most expansive marketing tool for any business organization. Therefore, failure of the event could be a disaster and horrible dream for your business. Event experts and professionals pretended that event industry generating $115 billion dollars in United States.

Technology devices give the ability to everyone to acquire the information from anywhere the world at any time. Technology changed the model of business event strategy and planning. Use of technology tools with business strategy in an effective way became the reason for the successful event.Therefore, companies need technology devices for their every attendee in event.Actually, people want to communicate with each other and share their ideas, information at every platform through social media and other online platforms. Therefore,the availability of technology devices such as iPad, tablets is necessary for the event. Most of companies hired the iPad from iPad hire companies for short terms of the period at very low rates. Through this rental offer, companies save the money and time.

Here is the list of technology tools which you need to know:

·         Use of virtual reality
·         Social media wall
·         Artificial Intelligence

Use ofvirtual reality

People from different fields of professions obtain benefits from the VR.  But epically use of virtual reality in event became the symbol of the successful event or trade show. Virtual reality changed the business trade show trends and strategies. Now, a business organization can interact with their audience on a level above the typical ways. Virtual reality is becoming famous into the long distance trade show attendees, who are unable to take participate physically in trade show.

But this technology is emerging technology. Therefore, it is expensive rather than other technologies. Not everyone can afford this technology, especially small businesses. Therefore as an alternative option, small businesses hire the VR from VR hire companies for short term of period. The event or trade shows which held in London, most of the time they hired electronic devices such as iPad, tablets etc. 

Social media wall

Social media has become a powerful and famous internet technology tool to engaging the audience during the trade show and event. The value of social media has immense. Social media provides an enormous way to engage the attendees. But we will discuss some.

Twitter became a popular social platform for people. It is also very useful in trade shows. People want to share the information, ideas which they got from the trade show platform. Therefore, event organizer could use Twitter for live updates and through this people could watch their tweets which they had shared with other attendees or your event trend. Also, could use Facebook for live streaming, Instagram, YouTube. This will be a very highly effective step for interaction the business organizations with their attendees.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence became very convenient and helpful for business companies to interact with their customers in the trade show. But first, you have to find your trade shows problems, after that you should identify How Artificial intelligence could help you in event or trade show. Use of artificial intelligence in trade show enhances the attendee trust in your company brand and services. Attendees get the unique experience and organizers can communicate the attendees with more effectively and the trade show becomes change into the successful trade show.