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5 Theme Party Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day Grandly

5/09/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we are sure that you would want to surprise your mom in the best way possible. And to help you with that, we have curated some of the most unique and fun themed-party ideas that will help you celebrate this Mother’s Day:

Tea & Toast Party

One of the perfect ways to throw a party this Mother’s Day is by arranging a tea and toast soiree. You can invite your aunts and let your mom enjoy an evening with her close friends and relatives. Be sure that the ladies have enough snacks to nibble. Also, you can have a variety of teas, muffins, tea cakes, etc., that will add flavor to this special day. You can even raise a toast to honor your mother’s efforts and appreciate her for the same. We are sure that with all these efforts, you will be able to bring a wide smile to your mom’s face.

Pool-Side Party

Since mother’s day falls on the second Sunday of May, the temperature is predicted to be soaring high. And to help your mom celebrate this day without having to deal with this immense heat, you can arrange a pool-side party for her. Here, you can engage your guests in some fun water activities or any outdoor games. You can also have lemonades or lemon teas that will give a refreshed vibe to your mom and her friends.

Retro-Themed Party

Another party to which your mom can completely relate is a retro-theme party. For this, you would have to know about the kind of parties your mom had beena part of in her childhood days. You may also have a dress code and ask all your guests to dress as 90’s actors and actresses. You may also keep some photo props that represent this themeas it will add up to the retro vibe.

Garden Party

Garden party is another way to celebrate this special day. One can have the usual picnic in their garden or arrange a barbecue and enjoy some scrumptious food. You can decorate the place with some balloons or flowers, set a bunch of table & chairs,and enjoy this day with your mom and dear ones. You can also organize some easy-going games for the guests that will make this party a lot more fun and exciting.


The concept of potluck focuses on providing each guest to contribute something to the party. And even though it is one of the most classical party idea, it is still adored by people all across the world. Since it requires minimalpreparation for the host, they can spend most of the time with the guests. Also, your mom would love to know more about her friend’s specialty food and drinks. You may order a Mother’s Day Cake and dessert which will help you celebrate this day in the best way possible.

Also, don’t forget to get a thoughtful gift for your mother and greet her a Happy Mother’s day with a greeting card. We hope that these theme party ideas will help you celebrate this day in utmost merriment.