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ARK Survival Evolved game for PC

As in the majority of such products, our oasis is built on its cache, which gives us protection from the most dangerous dinosaurs, which become more than 70 species in the game: from small flying pterodactyls to real giants Diplodocus, dinosaur or T. Rex. They are not only a nuisance, as ruthless competitors may be other players, sharpen their teeth in our stocks. The game is ready, of course, to play on the network and, in accordance with the rules of the genre, allows alliances and cooperation with other players in the world to fasten. This is nothing like playing offline, and we must take into account the fact that not all dangers we may face. Porozmieszczane on the card features of the memories of the conditions when they enter the world of giant creatures Killing him gives fantastic prices, but he must work in a large group to be successful and can check out your url here.

It seems that dinosaurs are hot. Although the group of people who have always been surprisingly highly delivered to prehistoric reptiles in recent months is a real return to the ancient time of grace. It is easily attached to this, of course, at the premiere of the Jurassic film of the world, it seemed to work in movie screens a few months ago, but the gaming community also plays a significant opening role almost at the same time, ark survival evolved kostenlos, No, “ Debut ”is perhaps too big a word,“ Start early access ”is more appropriate to determine, but regardless of the definition, I already had the opportunity, a little closer to the magnifier of this product. ¿Survival, open and dinosaurs in the world? Who can resist? The main question, which then made me (and not only me) was this interesting and ambitious project, stand the test of time, and if “early access” does not develop quickly at the “beginning of disappointment.” Many updates later, I sat in the ARC and Well ... I must admit one thing: the game has changed a lot.

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The fun begins, as before creating a character. We can choose a lot of sliders to solve issues such as shoulder width, height, leg length, head size, and so on ... classic controls - this seems to be an assistant in almost all cases of leads a gentleman is somewhat awkwardly tudzież to create a lady, despite the humanoid forms are sometimes quite rare. Most of the action, however, we see, in the first person, does not give much attention. Leaders do not rotate around each layer of the story, because it is (for now?) Does not exist. The protagonist suddenly wakes up on the beach, to see the strange device “embedded” in his hand and to survive before the unique course of the assignment.