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Different Types of Water Tanks You Can Install in Your House

5/02/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Water tanks are one of the essential apparatus of your home. The water pump pulls water from the underground level and then it is stored in the water tank. Whenever you need it, water comes through the pipeline and you get it by opening the tap. Sintex water tank is one of the most common types of tank that you will usually find in many houses, apartments, and hotels. Today, you will get to know some information about different types of water tanks now. Read on to more-

  Polyethylene Tanks

In maximum houses in the city area, this is the most common type of water tank. Such tanks are quite beneficial as these hold a great amount of water for a family. Usually, such tanks can hold a hundred liters to more than 50,000 liters of water. These are plainly designed with the corrugated finish. Though they are mainly available in black, you can also buy polyethylene tanks of other colors.

  Fiberglass Tanks

These tanks are sturdy and can withstand extreme temperature. If you live in a place where temperature fluctuation is there, such types of water tanks will be a suitable choice. They can hold around 110,000 liters and more. But, nowadays, such tanks have lost its popularity a bit because of their expensiveness. In comparison to these, poly tanks are quite affordable.

  Metal Tanks

Metal tanks are made of different types of metals, like galvanized steel or other metals, like colorbond, zincalume, aquaplate, etc. These metal tanks are sturdy and withstand all types of weather condition. Having a metal tank means you need to maintain it always so that you don’t get a damaged tank within a few times. Such tanks have the capacity of holding more than 700,000 liters of water.

Concrete Tanks

These are used for multi-tasking that is for underground as well as for above-ground storage. These are the best of its type as they can hold more than 1 million liters of water. Installing concrete tanks are really beneficial as the above-ground tanks can keep water cool for a longer period. As light can’t penetrate inside, it is possible to have cooler water. Besides, such tanks are free from algal growth. The underground tanks are also long-lasting, but you should avoid installing it on clay soil as that can cause cracks on the tank.

Things to Consider before Buying Water Tanks

So far, you get an idea about different types of water tanks. Now, you need to know which tanks are perfect for you, no matter you want to buy Sintex tank online or anything else. Here are certain essential things you need to know while it comes to buy water tank-

·         Consider the space before buying one.
·         Know the size of your roof.
·         You must have a clear idea of your needs.

Hopefully, you get enough information about buying a water tank. What are you waiting for? Buy the one that suits your need and keep the water supply smooth in your house.