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Gift your Dear Ones Pearl Jewelry on Any Occasions and Make Them Feel Special

5/22/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Pearl set can be an exclusive and royal gift for any one. It is still believed to be the purest form of stone that can be worn and flaunted with any dress. The lustre of any pearl is considered the top most characteristic. The price of a pearl set depends upon the brightness, sharpness and the capability to reflect light. The number of layers on a pearl during its formation determines the brightness. The more is the layer, the more is the brightness.

Although there are various sizes available in pearls because it is difficult to determine what shapes it will take inside the oyster shell. However, the round shape pearls are precious and are often seen as solitaire in single pearl necklace set. As we were discussing, pearl can be the best gift not only during anniversaries, weddings, but they can also be gifted on Christmas to your daughter, mother, grandmother or on valentines, New Year, Thanksgiving etc. there is no specific occasion to gist a pearl accessory.

Akoya pearls are small 2mm in size because they come from tiny oysters called Pinctada Fucata Martensii. In some rare cases, you will find Akoya pearls in the Mikimoto jewelry in size 10mm. Colors are usually white or cream.

However, you can’t gift a traditional necklace to your youngest daughter who’s entering her college. Such designs fit well to mothers and grandmothers. Thus, while choosing the jewellery, whether it is ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant or earring, one should know their style and taste. Here is a list of accessories that can be gifted depending upon age criteria –

  • Girls’ ears are pierced at a tender age. Gift them with a set or pearl drops or earrings with small pearls instead of boring gold tops, so that they can use it as they grow up.

  • Teens and youth are more into fancy items like headbands, charms, cuffs, bracelets etc. You can gift them a pearl studded bracelet which can also be customized by engraving their names or caption on it.

  • Women is a symbol of class and elegance, thus while selecting a pearl jewelry one can find various designs in necklaces, pendant and earrings which can fascinate anyone.

  • History is repeating itself, in older days, men and women of royal families wore pearl jewellery that indicated their status, slowly with time, pearl became an accessory only for women. However, as fashion is changing so is the demand and therefore, men aren’t shy anymore in looking for accessories that can amaze people.
Pearls are the best way of bringing people close in a relationship. The purest form of white colour pearl has always been an attraction among couples. Even brides prefer wearing white pearl set in their weddings. Therefore, pearl is a stone that’s liking can never fade.