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How is new age design shaping the interface of the real estate industry?

5/03/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

The new age design has reshaped the interface of the real estate industry web sites, with new concepts. Now, the emphasis is more on the utility and workability, rather than on the appearance of the applications. Though the beauty and good looks of the applications still have its importance, to the optimum. This new age design has given utmost importance to the reason behind any work being done, in the real estate industry user interface, for any product design and delivery. The usefulness of the work and the application has now become premium.

The Principles of Designing-

The real estate industry has evolved according to the all round development and improvement of technology and the related innovations. The consumers of real estate have also changed, with the changing time. The most important points and principles, those serve as the basics in designing, must be followed rigidly. These principles are-

·         The first impression must be the best impression, as no one can have a second chance.
·         The User Interface must be clean and clear, free from all useless clutter. It is best to have the approach of having an invisible User Interface and concentrate on the essential contents only.
·         It is best to design for interruptions. It should have one primary action on one screen.
·         Navigation must be made self evident. The quality of good navigation makes it work like an invisible hand. It is an immense help to the user in their full journey.
·         It is always best to have an Omni Channel Approach and create an experience that is seamless.
The entire process of designing must have a very good impact on the users.

The Process of Know Your Customer (KYC)-

This is especially true for customised users. Buying a house or a plot is a difficult and time consuming decision for majority of buyers. The buyers take lot of time to decide as to what to buy, where to buy, when to buy and how to buy. It is a complicated issue. But, it can be turned into fun, if it is done following a particular method, with the correct approach.

The real estate industry must know its customers thorughly. A variety of exercises are done for this purpose. It needs Ethnography, testing of usability, and all UX or User Experience designs methodologies. UX methodology helps in focussing on the users.

It is always best to start to design a project on white boards, rather than straightway on designing tools. Proper importance must be given to Central and Peripheral visions. They provide flow of information with visual hiearchy to the user. Lack of measurement and scale may make UX a driving force for the success of the company. Absence of scale is confusing for the business stakeholders. It makes the adoption of UX difficult. The designs must be quantifiable. It should also be directed towards achieving the target of business.

The Audience Education-

The details of UX must be conveyed to all, within the business organisation. UX provides a great users experience eveywhere, including designing, product, marketing, technology, human resources etc. UX and business are complimentary to each other and proper balance must be developed between UX and the business.

This UX can be controlled and turned Up or Down, as per the demand of the situation. There is never a need of turning UX off.