Little Red Book the new lifeStyle APP in China

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There is a new little red track in China - and no, chairman Mao has not written it.

Zhao Hangzhou ( ), which literally translates as "Little Red Book", is a social e-commerce shopping app located in Shanghai. The 18 to 35-year-old Chinese women's purpose in this platform helps consumers discover luxury products from abroad, shopping tips and fashion ideas. By the end of September, with 15 million registered users and half-a-year sales of about 700 million yuan (about $ 10 million), China has emphasized the attention of buyers and investors both abroad and abroad.

The attractive name of the company has also given attention - though its leaders do not want to attract.

Recently, there is only one small red book in the Middle East: the famous volume chairman is full of quotes from Chairman Z. Zong. More than 900 million copies are printed, Tom is just the second for the Bible, as the most printed book in history, and its widespread rotation in 1960, plays an important role in the personality of Mao personality. Used to pay

The selection of book references between zingers that "it is necessary to understand every communist reality," political power increases from gun barrel, and "if" America's monopoly capitalist groups have aggression and war If your policies have been emphasized, the day is bound to come when they will be executed by the people of the whole world. "

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with Chief Geo's book in Chinese, which is written as 红宝书 (literally, "Red Treasure Book").

However, in English, the platform's name presents something to a condom - and the company is not going to translate it literally, instead of choosing a simple manager, Red.

Red Little Spokesman Linda Zain told China Realtime that "Little Red Book" is a "very sensitive voice" English name.

"In Chinese, Xiao Hongzhou is fine, and our users are born in more than 80s and 90 breeds of youngsters, which will not be related to this kind of kind." Ms. Zen said. He added several times: "Please do not use 'Little Red Book'."

To make things more complex, the company's name is also Mao. Charles Mao - who has no relation with Chairman Mao - named Ji Huongshu, because Stanford Business School, Ms. Zeng said that a book is knowledgeable and its color is Alma Pea's color. After catching business emotions in Silicon Valley, the founder of Miss Company, Miss Mao, decided to return to China to start Jiao Hongzhou.

So far, the site name does not seem to be surprising in China. The RGG attracted the attention of the GGV Capital, which visited $ 10 million in this summer, and site users made an average income of $ 9,000,000 ($ 15,060). Which is compared to average average of 13,476 yuan ($ 2,114) of the average Chinese citizen, according to the recent company's offer.

It is difficult to find China's most popular products cosmetics and beauty products. Panasonic hair dryer on sale for one day, the entire month of sales on the traditional e-commerce platform was equal. And a three-year-old sales company on Red for Japan's CI, the online sales of a one-year-old online-run line in Hong Kong was removed.

This site is a strategic partner with many American, Japanese and Korean brands, including Japanese skincar company SK-II, designers VVV Westwood and Anna Shi, and nutrition company GNC. The order also includes Mini Guide Book for Purchasing in America, France and other fashionable fashion.

On Red Website, the last item appears in Q & A about the only reference company of Mao's famous Tom.

"Why is not your website" Little Black Book, '' 'Little Blue Book' '' Little Purple Book 'or' Big Red Book '? The question is that.

The answer reads "We do not know". "But by the way, due to our name (Mao's Little Red Book) is not."

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