Tubemate: the best video downloader for android and PC

5/17/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

What is Tubemate?

Watching Youtube videos is one of the most popular ways to get entertained these days. however, it is not possible to download videos from Youtube site, but now this can possible with Tubemate. Tubemate is a video downloader using which one can easily download the Youtube videos onto one's device. It comes as an application for both android platforms and personal computer. This app is known for its downloading speed, as one can download any number of videos at the highest video quality only in a few seconds. Other than Youtube, one can also download videos from various other sources like Dailymotion, etc.

What are Tubemate’s popular features?

Some of the popular features that make this application effective are:

·         The Tubemate applications come with a media player which is built in the app, and one can sue it to play the downloaded videos easily from the phone storage.

·         It also has an Mp3 converter in it means one can convert a video into an audio file especially for music file s and podcasts.

·         Handling the video downloading has become super easy, as one can download several copies of a file at the same time. Also one can pause the downloading process anytime thus reducing the chances of download failure.

·         The application has one of the best user interfaces as one can listen to music and still use the internet simultaneously. Also, the app has effective drag and drops feature along with a useful search option using which one can find any video from an external source in a few minutes.

·         One can choose any resolution for their videos ranging from low, medium, HD to even 4K. it depends on the device’s resolution and also the speed of the internet one has been using to know which quality will suite one better.

·         One can also stream the videos directly without downloading them, also one can choose the playlist option to play the videos from the local playlist.

How to download Tubemate?

As one will not find Tubemate in the google play, so one will have to reach out to its official website where one can find an official download link. Before downloading the app change the setting of one's phone to except external file from other sources. As soon as the apk file is downloaded, install it into one's device. And done, the application is ready to be used.

How to download videos using Tubemate?

Downloading the video using the app is super easy. One has to first search the video using the search bar, then select the video and play it. one can see a download icon, which when clicked upon will open a choose the format option. One can select the format in which one will want to download their video. after that start the download and keep using the phone as usual because the video will keep downloading in the background. One can also queue download for later times, especially if someone wants to download using the wifi.