Sell Your Car? Check These Out Before Selling Your Car

7/21/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Planning to sell a car? Selling your car if you’re a first-timer is a bit stressful. Though it sounds simple, there’s a lot of important things you should consider before posting it online. As a car seller, you must be prepared from the inquiries of prospective buyers, take them for a test drive, price haggling, having a deal on a reasonable price, saying goodbye to your beloved vehicle, and the end of the transaction.

But there’s more than that, it’ll take a lot of good notes and sentences to summarize the overall process of selling a car. And it’s way more complicated if you are preparing your beloved car for a sale. To explain this problem, below are some important factors you need to consider before selling out your car.

Prepare the Car Documents

Prepare and inspect all the car’s documents and check if these are complete to show to a prospective buyer. Documents are important because it gives an assurance to the buyer that your car is legit and not shady.

But in some cases, if your car is still on loan, you need to make sure that you put the exact amount of the assume balance. For your peace of mind, ask the bank or the lending company on what could be the essential documents you need to complete before selling out your car.
In addition, you also need to prepare these following:

       Car manual (if any)
       Car brochures (if any)
       Service books (if any)
       Car records
       Documents related to car sales
       Documents related to car repairs
       Documents related to ownership
       And, documents related to the maintenance of the car

Inspect Your Car

Before selling your car, it is recommended to have checked it first to a professional. They’ll see if your car is still on a good running condition. Plus, getting it inspected by a professional will give you the idea of what could be the current reasonable price of your car.

A professional or a third party will point out the problem (if any) in your car that you are not aware of. When that happens, you only have two options: have them repair or leave it be, and sell it for a much lower price.

Clean Your Beloved Car

They say, first impression last. The same goes for selling a car, your car needs to be decent inside and out. Always present your car in its best possible physical condition so you’ll have the right to post a good price on it.

Below are some suggestions:

Car’s Interior:

       Clean Knobs, Buttons, and Gear shifts
       Ditch the Car odor
       Change or clean your car’s leather upholstery
       Clean your car’s carpets, mats, and cloth upholstery
       Clean your trunk

Car’s Exterior

       Clean the car’s body
       Wipe out the windows
       Check the tires
       Car plates
       Clean out exterior stains
       Repair dents and scratches (if any)
       Check the car engine
       Replace or check the car battery
       Clean out the compartment
       Clean your car’s cup holders, phone holders, radio, and etc.

If you have an extra budget with you, have your beloved car a professional clean. They will know the appropriate tools when cleaning the car and they are knowledgeable enough to repair any dents and scratches at a minimal cost. If the car is neat and clean, take a good shot of your beloved car before selling it out online.

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