The course of treatment for lung diseases

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Lungs are as important as the heart and brain in a human body. But unhealthy lifestyle and smoking can cause major damage to it. To keep your lungs healthy here are some lifestyle changes you can follow.

 Leave smoking- Cigarette smoking is the main reason that injures your lungs. Cigarette smoke narrows the airways and cause breathing trouble. Prolonged smoking progressivelyharms the lung tissue and leads to lung cancer where the situation is irreparable. It is never too late to getprofits from leaving smoking.

Avoid contact to pollutants- Contact to inactive smoking, outdoor pollution and chemicals causesimpairment to the lungs or deteriorates the lung disease even more. Thus, avoiding contactwith the contaminants decreases the danger of lung disease.

Be active- Physical movement improves complete health. Aerobic workout and breathing exercise mends the lung ability and improves lung function. This type of physical undertakings improves your frame of mind and comforts you.

   Avoid infections- A simple cold or a respiratory infection sometimes turn out to be serious and leads to difficulties. Thus, safeguard yourself by practicingmoral hygiene and getting vaccinated to be safe from influenza.

Lungs transplantation and its precautions

A single lung transplant takes about four to eight hours to complete whereas a doublelung transplant generally takes six to 12 hours. Your doctor makes a cut in your chest to take out your unhealthy lung. Later, the main airway to that lung and the blood vessels amongst that lung and your heart is then linkedto the donor’s lung. For a few lung transplants, you arelinked to a heart-lung device which helps the blood flow during the operation.

Lungs damage treatment in India is a surgical process to interchange anunhealthy or deteriorating lung with a healthy lung generally from a dead donor. Conditional on your medical state, a decision is taken to replace one of your lungs or both of them. In some cases, the lung istransplanted laterally with a donor’s heart.During your lung transplant, the processis performed with general anesthesia, so you will be unconscious and won't sense any pain. Surgeons will insert a tube from your mouth and into your windpipe to support your breathing. You also have a tube in your nose downwards to your stomach to channel your stomach substances. A tube keeps your bladder unoccupied.

Laterto your lung transplant surgery, you are needed to spend several days in the hospital's thorough care monitoring. A motorized ventilator helps you respire for a few days and tubes in your chest drains fluids from about your lungs and heart. Living a healthy routine is vitalforsustaining your new lung. Smoking is absolutely not permitted and the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Ensuring a nutritious diet helps you to stay healthy.

Lungs transplant price in India varies between 20 - 25 lakhs. Patients and their families need to check with their insurance firms whether the cost of an organ transplant is covered in their insurance schemes. A workout is tremendouslyessentialforrestoration after your lung transplant. Considering the cost of Lung Transplant, it is affordable when compared to other countries like the US and UK.