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5 Effective Treatment For Varicose Veins

8/26/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Varicose veins are apparently swollen and twisted veins that have a bluish appearance. It makes the blood to flow in the wrong direction or makes the blood to pool in one place. Almost one-fourth of the adult population suffers from this issue. Now, the question is how you can get treated from varicose veins? There are some effective varicose veins treatments available.
Fortunately, you will not have to spend days in a hospital or wait for many days to recover from the condition. Moreover, if you are not bothered about the sight of varicose veins or if you are not having any discomfort because of varicose veins then you may not have to go for a treatment at all. However, if you are and want to have treatment then here are 5 effective treatments for varicose veins.
1.      Compression Stockings
Before you move to other treatments for varicose veins, compression stockings are the first thing that you will be likely to use. These stockings will compress your legs and allow a nice flow of blood in your legs. However, the effectiveness of compression stockings will depend on the brand and the type you are using.
2.      Sclerotherapy
Your doctor will inject a type of foam or a solution into the small and medium varicose veins which will close due to the reaction with the solution. This is a highly effective Varicose vein treatment as it makes varicose veins fade away within a few weeks.
3.      Laser Therapy
In this therapy, your doctor will use laser technology to make the varicose veins fade away. Laser lights are very effective in making varicose veins disappear. It is a painless and non-surgical treatment of varicose veins.
4.      Endoscopic Vein Surgery
In case of advanced varicose veins problem, your doctor might opt for this treatment. A small video camera will be inserted into your legs for your doctor to see and close the veins and then remove it with small incisions. Your doctor will perform endoscopic vein surgery only if other treatments of varicose veins fail.
5.      Self-Care
Self-care is also an effective way of curing varicose veins and also keeping it at bay. For that, you have to stop wearing tight clothes. You cannot stand or sit in one place for a very long time. Moreover, elevating the legs is also something you should avoid doing. Exercising regularly and keep your weight in control is one of the more effective ways of controlling varicose veins.
Varicose veins are one such condition that will not cause you immense pain. Moreover, you can have self-care which will help you to prevent any such condition in the very first place. Take the help of a good doctor to guide you properly with varicose veins treatment.