5 Job Titles that will be Reborn for AI ML

8/06/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Energy is with the AI ML trends, as enthusiasts run with high spirits to chase down the most complex problems ever faced by the human race. Slowly but surely, AI’s promising run of event until now has been attributed to the way engineers and analysts from leading Data Science Training programs have up-skilled themselves toward the future of advanced technologies.

As we advance into a decade of uncertainly around how businesses look to import AI into their systems, here are 5 new job profiles in data science that will be reborn for AI ML economy.

Data Gatherers

Much like the gatherers in the pack of ancient cavemen society, we will have data gatherers who will scour through tons of data from every possible field. Salary-wise, it would be mostly an entry level job for AI ML professionals.


The pack of analysts who will go for the kill in the AI economy – the data hunters would belong to the top-notch cadre of the AI pyramid. These will follow the analytics from AI Models to not just bring home revenue but also design useful Data Science training courses for enterprise setups.
Hunters will be paid at par with mid-level AI engineers and Data Science executives with at least 5 years of experience in Big Data analytics.


Data Scavengers will be an interesting portfolio for neophytes in the AI ML industry. This group of engineers and analysts would help clean up the system of Deep Learning and Dark Data by enabling ML models with upgraded automation and cognitive intelligence. Data Scavengers would be employed by the leading Cloud AI companies for advanced risk analytics, predictive intelligence, IoT learning and so on.


Decompose Analytics would work with data that has been found to have no value for any of the existing operations, but still need to be stored. In AI, we are already reeling under an enormous pressure of ambiguous data and data decay – both phenomena risking billions of dollars for the Data Management platforms. With Decompose teams for data management in AI ML, we can see an end to this decay and ambiguity.

Augmented Workers

According to Deloitte’s survey of Enterprise AI, all companies are eyeing two things for the future –
Firstly, can current workforce be augmented with better skills, technology and culture to support AI and Automation?

Or, secondly, can AI wholly replace workers?

Out of these, most AI research companies would hire Augmented Workers to strike a balance between adopting Enterprise AI for workforce automation in machine-to-machine communication and augmented intelligence.

All these roles would be specific to the AI tribe that we will see hired for skills, talent and longevity.