What Makes Celebrity Hairdressers in Sydney So Special?

10/31/2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Despite the slowdown in the retail sector and dwindling trade in Sydney’s high street, the city’s luxury market is growing. This is most apparent in the salon business, where new luxury hair ventures are opening up across the city.

What Makes Celebrity Hairdressers So Special?

The celebrity hairdressers Sydney offers have clientele lining up to get appointments with them. Salons such as Goldie charge as much as $700 just for colouring. So, what makes celebrity hairdressers so special?

-          Personal Touch

When you enter a luxury salon, you are greeted at the door and treated like royalty the entire time that you are there. You get a one-on-one experience while you are at the salon and each of the hairdressers will focus their time on that single client with whom they are dealing.

When you get treated so well and are greeted by name every time you visit, it makes you want to keep going back.

-          Status Symbol

A great deal of the attraction has to do with the status attached to going to such salons. When you walk into a celebrity hairdresser’s salon, you will see familiar Sydney high society faces. Hobnobbing with the who’s who of the city has its own charm.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the consultancy firm Retail Doctor Group, Brian Walker, the biggest appeal of these luxury salons is their scarcity as well as the exclusivity of their products and services. These places are aspirational and a directly linked to status.

And this is where influencers make a difference. These luxury salons attract social influencers, which is the best kind of promotion any business can get. They don’t need to spend on advertising; the influencers promote their brand via social media, networking as well as during events.

-          The Best Quality

When you go to a premium salon, you are treated to the best products that money can buy. And it’s not just the products that are top of the line. The salon itself is a work of art, its interiors designed to evoke a sense of complete luxury.

And the hairdressers are the best of the best. There are no apprentices in a luxury salon. Each stylist there has proven him or herself and is there because they are one of the best in what they do; they are celebrities too.

According to celebrity stylist Adam Walmsley, the first focus is on quality. If you position yourself on the basis or price or the latest trend, there will always be someone who will beat you on those counts. However, the one that cannot be beaten is consistent high-quality services.

-          Offering Something Unique

Sydney is full of salons that offer you the usual – hairstyles, cuts, colouring and so on. The premium salons, on the other hand, succeed because they offer their clientele something different.
Whether it’s cosmetic tattooing, or an all-out pampering, what makes them different is what makes them special.

-          People Value What They Pay For

When you go to a luxury salon to get pampered, you get what you paid for – you get the full experience, and, when you are treated so well, the experience is valued and so you are willing to pay a premium for such a service.

This is the story of the select few luxury salons, which are usually booked up as much as 6 months in advance. However, 90% of the salons are not doing well. In fact, according to Hair Stylists Australia, a hairdressers’ union that was formed in recent years, most of these salons are actually struggling to survive.