Everything for a 10th class student for syllabus

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The knowledge gained in the secondary schools is a foundation for the higher classes. That is why so much emphasis has been provided to the performance of students in class 9th and class 10th. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) also understands this. That is the reason why, the syllabus for class 9th and 10th has been formed in a structured manner. 

CBSE has appointed a team of subject experts, educationists, and intellectuals to frame the syllabus. The students and parents of the students should understand that since this is the foundation so, the students should grasp the concepts in all the subjects, to make their learning more effective for higher standards.

Subjects of CBSE class 10th

The syllabus is made up of some basic subjects that the students of class 10th are supposed to study. The subjects are mentioned as below:

a. Hindi and English

The subjects for language are one of the first papers for Class 10th. The language paper consists of Hindi and English which are regarded as one of the most used languages, here in India. The language subject syllabus consists of the grammar as well as the literature portion. The syllabus has been framed to provide deeper insights into the language.

b. Science

The subject science is designed so as to impart pragmatic approach in students. For this reason, the syllabus for science consists of three parts physics, chemistry and biology.

c. Maths

The syllabus for mathematics consists of variety of topics like algebra, trigonometry,and the syllabus deals with the basic concepts as well as application for the given subjects.  Students can get all the study material online by the search on the internet with the keywords cbse mathematics class 10.

d. Social science

The syllabus of Social science subject mainly consists of history civics and geography and economics.The topics are chosen to cover variety of concepts in the mentioned subjects. For example the portion of civics covers all the social and political issues.

Source of study material

The students shall arrange the best study material for learning. In the growing age of communication, if you are a willing student, then you will definitely find the concerned material.

The study material is generally made by the educationists and teachers, to develop the fastest grasping ability of the students of primary and middle schools.


The curriculum designed for the Hindi, English, social science, science and mathematics class is very well structured. Syllabus for the concerned subject has been made in such a way that students can touch all the important areas without losing their interest in learning. Students should also be aware of the proper syllabus and guidelines for focused learning. 

There are many free sources are available on the internet that provides the best study materials with just a click and correct search words like 10th class maths study material. However, the students should be careful, as to the authenticity of the source.Students can get benefited from them to understand the complex concept in an interesting way.