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5 Features to Consider while buying a wall mounted ironing board

3/16/2020 RAWAT 0 Comments

Nowadays, all the households have an ironing board. They are known as one of the essential appliances at home. Before some years, ironing boards only existed in foreign countries, but these days they are manufactured and used in almost every country. The main purpose of the ironing boards is to keep the clothes straight to iron out the wrinkles. The rounded edge on the board helps to comfortably iron sleeves and collars.

Wall mounted ironing boards are especially popular these days. This wall-mounted machine is designed to fold out from the wall when needed. These types of ironing boards are convenient to use in confined spaces such as small apartments or houses. If you are planning to buy a wall-mounted ironing board, then consider these features to know how good they are.

The portability

The wall-mount ironing board is fixed in the closet and cabinets. Even though the ironing board is fixed, it can be easily moved to desired locations and confined spaces. These ironing boards can be permanently fixed in a specific spot or you can make them fixable or movable boards. The wall-mounted ironing board comes with a portability option. If you are buying a wall-mounted ironing board, then considering this feature is very important.


The ironing boards are available in numerous sizes that accommodate different types of clothes. If you are ironing a set of men slacks, then the shorter boards are suitable. However, you can choose the size of the board depending on what type of clothes you are going to iron.

 The ironing boards are available from 13 inches to 18 inches. A longer board will help you to iron many clothes comfortably. Before purchase, you may need to consider the size of the iron board; otherwise, it may be too small or too big for your room space.


The durability of any ironing board depends upon its price. If the price of the board is very high, then the structure of the appliance is also stable. The expensive boards are also long-lasting. The design and the materials used to construct the board determine the durability of it.

 The structure is one of the common designs of the ironing board that has 4 leg counterparts. The steel used for the legs is also important for the steady ironing of clothes. Sturdiness is an important factor as more pressure is put when ironing clothes. Therefore, when you purchase the wall mounted ironing board, make sure it is sturdy and durable.


Even though it is a wall-mounted ironing board, many would move it very often in a comfortable place. There are lightweight ironing boards available in the market. The lightweight boards are very thin and easy to lift. Therefore, according to your convenience, you can decide to buy a lightweight or strong ironing board. 


There are beautiful designs and models in which the wall mounted ironing board is available. The board comes with heat resistant covers and body. Therefore, choose a design that suits your taste.
Consider the above features to buy the best wall mounted ironing boards.