How To Choose The Right Pizza Cutter

3/25/2020 RAWAT 0 Comments

Wondering how to cut your hot, steaming pizza coming straight out from the oven, with your regular knife. This is when the pizza cutter comes to the rescue. And when it comes to choosing the right pizza cutter, several factors are taken into consideration. As for the right pizza cutter accounts for the best pizzas baked at home or a pizza corner. Never go wrong while choosing the best pizza cutter for your best recipe.

The following are the factors to be taken into consideration while choosing the good pizza cutter for your pizza.


Pizza comes with different shapes and sizes, and so does the pizza cutters. They are designed exclusively to meet the needs of the customer's requirements. They come in various shapes like the wheeled and Mezzaluna. 

The wheeled cutter, as the name implies, can be rolled over the pie with ease and has maximum control for safe usage. It is to be noted that not all wheels come in the same size. They come in different sizes too. Next is the Mezzaluna, different as its name; it is a half-moon shaped blade and can handle precision cutting. Being smaller in length than the pie diameter can sound challenging at times.


Pizza cutters do not come with just cutting but come along with different features like the material of the blades. They come in stainless steel with plastic, stainless steel, or wood handles for easy handling of the hot pizzas. Mezzaluna pizza cutters have stainless steel handles as its unique feature.

The design of the handle

The grip of the handle is very important while slicing the pizza. We would never want the cutter to slip out from our hands during the cutting process. A better grip goes a long way, and so does the handle in the pizza cutter helps in proper slicing and better hold without slipping. Some blades come with protective rims and bumpers from preventing the slipping of the cutter from the hands.

Size of the blade

The size of the blade entirely depends on the individual's comfort and usage. There is no standard size of the blade that is recommended, so it would be preferable to use a pizza cutter according to your usage.  

An average pizza cutter can do the work, but when it comes to thicker pies, taller sized blades are preferred which can cut all the way and cut the crispy thin layer crust with ease.


This is one factor that cannot be overlooked as the price is one important factor when it comes to buying a product. The pizza cutter comes at different rates, but it is entirely up to the individual's usage that decides the factor of pricing. 

From wallet-friendly to food establishments, a wide range of pizza cutters are available from low prices to higher prices. Cheap ones can be used for individual use, whereas sharp blades are a little costlier. When it comes to industrial usage, they have their investment.

Thus, the pizza cutters have become the need of an hour and come in handy for almost every and can be shopped both online and in markets.