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Senior Home Care Services vs. Assisted Living – Which is best

3/31/2020 RAWAT 0 Comments

Many seniors have to answer the common questions – Where are you going to spend the rest of your life?  Can you receive proper care in your house? Or, wouldit be better to move into assisted living facilities? Choosing the level of care for you or your loved one to meet the needs, maintain a good quality of life, and an optimal level of independency is never easy. In order to make the best decision, you have to consider a range of factors, including the level of care you need, your finances, and your support network.

Let’s take a closer look at these two options:-

The aged care assistance at home is one of the most requested services in Australia today as many seniors choose to age in place. Yes, “about 90% of seniors intend to age in their home.” The most popular reasons why seniors would like to age in place are “to stay in home they like and to be near family and friends.” In fact, seniors can greatly benefit from aged care assistance at home.

Agencies that provide aged care services at homeoffer a wide range of services, from companionship to personal care. This type of services is suitable for individuals who would like to stay at home but also need assistance for day-to-day activities that family members cannot provide. One of the significant reasons why many choose aged care assistance at homeis it allows seniors to age in their comfort zone – home. Most of the aged care assistance service at home includes a combination of non-medical, assisted living services and skilled health care services. Non-medical service includes:-

·         Cleaning
·         Transportation
·         Companionship
·         Supervision
·         Meal preparation
·         Shopping
·         Laundry
·         Medication reminders
·         Personal care

Assistance to Activities of Daily Living includes:

·         Walking
·         Bathing
·         Transferring
·         Dressing
·         Eating
·         Using the Toilet

A qualified caregiver will be assigned to meet the individual’s needs.  That being said, choosing aged care service at home may not be the best choice for everyone. The ability to do ADL determines whether you need home care services or not.

What are assisted living homes?

Assisted living homes offer seniors with some help accomplishing various tasks, but they don’t provide full-time, long-term care. Assisted living homes are also referred to as residential care. This type of home allows seniors to maintain their independence as long as possible without compromising their safety. They support a senior’s privacy, dignity, and autonomy while focusing on community and family involvement. Services are offered to assist seniors with daily living. While the facilities provide a home-like setting, it is physically designed to promote the resident’s independence.

Services provided by assisted living communities

·         Personal care
·         Housekeeping and laundry
·         Some medical services
·         24hrs medical emergency
·         Social and recreational activities
·         Monitoring of medication
·         Food

Assisted living homes are suitable for seniors who require little or no senior care on a daily basis.

Both services offer great benefits. So, evaluate the pros and cons of both service and consider the level of care you or your loved one requires to make the right decision.