How to Use a Bundt Pan?

4/18/2020 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love those exquisite looking cakes with ridges and curvature design? We’ve all been guilty of stopping by the window of a pastry shop and watching the cakes. But it's not that we have to always hit the stores for this cake. All you need is a bundt pan can you can make it at home. But a lot many people tend to ask how to use a bundt pan? We here look into it. Read along.

What is a bundt pan?

A bundt pan is specifically designed cake pans that come with a deep hollow tube in the middle with different ridges and flutes on the sides and the bottom. These have decorative intended ridges and curvature that helps to give the cake an artistic design and professional pâtissier. 

How to use a Bundt pan?

Here’s how you can get a beautiful looking delicacy with the bundt pan.

Choose the right bundt pan

The standard design about the bundt pan is quite similar to the deep hollow tube and flutes and ridges on the sides. But the flutes and the ridges come with varying designs. You can find different curvatures matching your needs. Choose the right pan as per your needs and creativity.

Grease the pan

The bundt pan due to its ornate design does require special preparation before making a cake. A lot goes into preparation so that a proper result can be derived. For that, you should grease the pan first. Although a few manufacturers advise against greasing the pan, you should immediately grease it before baking the cake. Use a cooking spray or you can just brush the melted butter.

Dust the pan

Once you have greased the pan you should then dust it. Place the pan on the parchment paper and sift the cake flour over the top. Once you have sprayed the pan then slowly rotate it alongside in a full circle. Slowly tap the counter while rotating so that you can get an even coating on it. Once you have dusted it evenly slowly turn the pan upside down and let the extra flour spill out.

Fill the pan

The thing about bundt pan is not many people know how much batter you should pour into the pan. As of the norm, you should fill the bundt pan only till three-quarters full because the cake will rise. If there will be no space for the cake to rise, it will spill over and hamper the cake making. Allow ample space in the pan for a cake to rise.

Bake the cake

Once you have filled the pan with the cake mix then its time to bake it. You should always place it on a sheet pan so that it will have an even shape. Let it bake to the desired levels.

Unmold the cake from the pan

Once you’ve done baking, you should let the cake rest for 10-15 minutes before you take it out. Use your hands and slowly pull out the cake from the edges. Put a plate on the top and flip the cake. You’ll then get the cake on the plate.

Once you have placed your cake you can then proceed to dust it with the sugar coating.That way you’ll have a beautiful looking cake with the bundt pan.