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5 Home Decorating Trends for Summer 2020

5/13/2020 RAWAT 0 Comments

Your house is an expression of who you are, and what better way to express yourself than to dress up and show off. That proves just as true for your home as it does for your wardrobe.
Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking at Fort Worth houses for sale or a long-time local just looking to keep things fresh, here are five trendy new décor ideas that will help turn your house into a stylish home.

Personal touches

What better way to leave your mark than with a personal touch? In the past, interior decorators have recommended omitting idiosyncratic accents in favor of a timeless, classic look. The past has passed, though, and this year it’s all about showing the world what’s most important to you: family, friends, memories.
Cover the walls with framed portraits and photo panels. Show off your smarts with a bookshelf packed with personal favorites. Your house is a masterpiece, and every great artist signs their work.

Shaped mirrors

Ovals are over and rectangles are for squares. Mirrors can do more than help you pick spinach out of your teeth. They can be dynamic, eye-catching accessories all their own.
Coming in all shapes and sizes, mirrors are a great way of, ahem, reflecting your unique sense of style. A big heart or kitty cat-shaped mirror pops with girly charm, while a frameless honeycomb arrangement of pentagonal mirrors is sure to wow.

Smart tech

Remember those cheesy old film reels about how “the house of the future” would have robotic maids, wireless lights, computerized personal doctors, and entire meals in pill form? Well, the future is now. All of those things have become a reality. Well, except the thing about being able to fit an entire three-course dinner into an aspirin.
Everything else, though? Roombas are all the rage these days, keeping your home clean so you don’t have to. LED light bulbs are not only environmentally friendly, they can also be installed wire-free and turned on and off with a smartphone app. And that thing that looks like a digital scale? That’s actually a Smart Body Analyzer, capable of measuring your body fat percentage, heart rate, and even your home’s air quality.

High contrast                                                             

If you’re bored by rustic earth tones and pale pastels, there’s no better time than now to make a statement by turning up the contrast. Juxtapose deep darks with bright lights for a bold, daring look that will be impossible to ignore.
Turn your floor into a checkerboard of differently shaded tiles. Stylize an all-white room with jet-black accents. You don’t have to stop at color either. Contrast is always a powerful tool, whether you’re pairing ornate curtains with simple window frames or distressed wood paneling with sleek, modern furniture

Multi-use furniture

Multitasking isn’t just for workaholics anymore. When single-use furniture isn’t in use then it is, by definition, useless. Make sure every single item in your house is pulling its weight by embracing multi-functionality.
Don’t just settle for any old sofa. Find one with built-in storage compartments. Instead of pulling your chair up to a rigid unwieldy tabletop, maximize your space with a butterfly table. Get a standing mirror that can be opened up into a jewelry cabinet. These gizmos are so cool, you’ll feel like the James Bond of interior design.