How to Divide Keywords during Research?

5/05/2020 RAWAT 0 Comments

When doing keyword research, digital marketers have the habit of classifying each keyword into a given category. The one thing marketers know about their field of work is its large scope. Even when making a content plan for a simple blog, marketers have to shortlist hundreds of keywords into different categories and target each of them cleverly.

There are many different ways keywords can be classified into different categories. The key to keyword classification lies in the approach marketers take. There are different ways keywords can be shortlisted, each method differing from the other based on the way marketers are approaching their target audience.

Keywords are essentially indicators which highlight the interest of the audience in a given field. Keyword research is a practice with a large scope. Thus, there are many different types of approach which ca be employed to classify keywords into different categories. In this article, we will use the sales funnel approach to classifying keywords.

Informational Keywords

These keywords refer to words and phrases which are searched by people in order to gain information. These are typically searched by people who are looking to gain knowledge about a particular field, product, or any other kind of commodity. People are search for informational keywords don’t generally but anything. However, these keywords can be optimized to target those who have an interest in the field.

Navigational Keywords

These type of keywords are typically used by digital marketers to target those who have developed an interest in the field and are searching for specific companies and brands related to the field. For example, if someone searches for sport shoes, the keyword is informational, but if someone searches for Adidas shoes, the keyword is navigational and related to the brand related to the keyword being searched.

Transactional Keyword

This type of keyword is searched when someone is ready to buy or commit to any offering offered by a company. Keywords which contain terms like buy, price, watch, and download are transactional keywords which are used when someone is looking to take a final decision on a product or service. Optimizing these keywords is essential for every business.

In Conclusion

When shortlisting keywords during research, SEOs and marketers have the habit of classifying them based on certain criteria. Every professional has a different approach to keyword classification. In this article, we discussed how keywords are classified based on the sales funnel approach.

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